Pre-Season F1 2012 Car Preview: Ferrari F2012


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With one win and not even a podium for Felipe Massa, Ferrari were truly out done by RedBull and McLaren last year. Not good for a team that came so close in 2010 and once were the dominant force for Formula 1. Ferrari accused of being very conservative with the 150° Italia at the start of the season despite encouraging testing form. Whilst come the race weekends the car for the majority of the season struggled on the Hard tires.

Ferrari will hoping to, at the very least, claw back the gap to RedBull and McLaren. With the new car being the first test after Aldo Costa left and pat Fry got promoted taking some extra people from former employers McLaren with him. Since October Ferrari, while playing down expectations, have been reporting how the F2012 will be more aggressive then its predecessor.

In the modern era for Formula 1, Ferrari have given us as much as we can look for in a revolutionary car. Looking at the detail its very easy to see how almost every part of the car has been reworked every part of the car looked at. The most obvious example of this is the Front of the car, very much becoming the talking point of pre-season. They have gone down the Caterham route with the stepped nose not wanting to compromise on a high nose cone to direct the air flow underneath whilst keeping space for the suspension packaging and conforming to the new regulations about the height of the monocoque and nose. Interestingly there no lip or dipped centre to nose Ala Redbull which has raised some questions about the airflow over the car and the Drag it may cause. Also the tip of the nose is squarer then before, perhaps trying to increase the surface plan to help airflow but does not help the look of car if you like your smooth lines we have been accustomed to.

The sidepods initially looks similar to the last version of the 150 version used in Brazil. but as it slopes towards the rear tires a tighter coke bottle effect is disturbed by a bulge which conceals the exhaust. Ferrari appear to have blown the exhaust towards the brake ducts, as ScarbsF1's site shown was possible. Its aggressive and risky, but according to Scarbs valuable if done correctly.

Finally The engine cover has been reshaped. a larger fin protrudes from the back of Car presumably from tighter packaging again. and has developed a Second air intake behind the usual one on the roll hoop, Whilst that itself has been reshaped. Obvious development has been done here to help aerodynamics.

The F2012 may not be a looker but can it the Susan Boyle of F1 and provide Ferrari with more success then last year?

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