Football Football 21/22

football can be so cruel at times. we were fantastic for so long & let down by a few tired mistakes at the end. referreing did seem a tad odd, i had realise the new rules on talking to referees had the expectations for maddison & son. i thought 12 mins seemed excessive

but really im more peed off about tim sherwood than i am the result, as is a bit of impartiality on Soccer Saturday too much to ask for. i saw the clips on social media i thought i tuned into Sky Sports Tottenham. as why the former spurs manager & player is doing the spurs match, beyond me. whats supposed to be impartial pundit. isnt supposed sound distraught that a team has taken a 1-0 lead & then sounding overjoyed when the other team turn it around 1-1 & 2-1

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