[Fixed] Weird bug? Last posts not visible in threads


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In Lewis' thread on page 49, TBY's and my post quoting him appear to be right in the middle of some earlier posts?
Is it just me seeing this or is this a bug/glitch in the site's software?
I've seen it once before.

I'll close it temporarily while I investigate.

Edit: I see the problem, I'll see if I can resolve it.
Hi Bro, I've just encountered another bug in Seb's thread. It won't load any page after 28, while there are definitely more pages! The page numbers don't even show up in the page number thing (sorry I don't know what it's called and I'm on an Apple and I don't know how to take screenshots...) and when I manually add it in the linkbar in my browser it goes to page 28.

Edit: Alright, thanks tby :)
Thanks, already fixed.

Looks like some troubleshooting/bug finding may be in order.

It seems to be related to when posts are deleted and/or split.
I've just encountered the same problem in the Coulthard thread.

If you notice any more, please post here so I can resolve them.

The developers are aware of the problem and are looking into it.
Just to let you know that the Lewis Hamilton thread appears to have the bug so you can't read the latest posts or add to it. As soon as Brogan gets on line I'm sure he will sort it.

Apologies to all who want to post anything there given Lewis' stunning pole today.
Yeah I just posted there FB, and it was inserted 10 posts back from the other most recent post.

I also deleted several posts from that thread earlier in the evening, which appears to be part of the problem.
The 2011 season has got this bug, I have had an alert saying No-FIAt please had posted a comment on it 54 minutes ago, I go to the page and the last post is made by you (Brogan) which was on Sunday. I then click on Formula One discussion, and the last post is by No-FIAt please apparently and the thread is unread even though I have clicked on it twice.
We're running a patched version of the Post.php file now, which should have fixed this bug.

If anyone else spots the same problem again in the future, please say so I can inform the developers.
Same problem in the thread

"BBC F1 Canadian Grand Prix programme has been nominated for a BAFTA"

Think it's because the posts from the 2011 season got moved to there, or it could just be a mere coincidence
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