First views on this season so far!


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How are you guys finding this F1 season so far?

Is it much better than you thought it was going to be? Give me your reasons for liking it?


Are you not enjoying it so far? Please give me your reason for this?

******Also remember to respect each others opinions on this subject please.******

For me i'm loving this season. So far it's been much more than i expected. Different Winners in each of the four races. Different people on the poduim in most of the weekends. 4 different leaders of the Drivers championship. Tyre rule makes the racing alot more interesting. Overtaking is looking a bit more better with DRS compared to this stage last season. Plus the newer teams are slowly working their way closer to the more older teams. For me i'm enjoying F1 2012.
The thing I like best is being able to watch all grand prix without giving sky any money:1st:

oh yeah and not only has a different driver won every race, but even harder to achieve a different team has won every race

Perez nearly won.

Vettel doesn't have the most pole positions.

There were points at China where instead of not being able to think of things to talk about, the commentators couldn't talk fast enough to keep up.
The season will be fine for me, as long as red bull or renault don't emerge as the dominant force for the rest of the season.
I agree with downforce in that one of the good things is watching all races without having to rely on the BBC and not paying a penny to Murdoch and his bullies

Its good that more drivers appear in the mix but I am not too sure about luck, errors, tyres etc displacing the best talent in the best cars when it comes to winning

Seems a certain 7 x WC agrees with you

The Mercedes driver claimed that "everyone has to drive well below a driver's, and in particular, the car's limits to maintain the tyres."

He also questioned "whether the tyres should play such a big importance, or whether they should last a bit longer, and that you can drive at normal racing car speed and not cruise around like we have a safety car."
It's alright, the positives different winners, tight etc. etc.

But drivers are quite disadvantaged due to the tyres, too many marbles off line, making several drivers reluctant to overtake (as we saw in China), and from 2nd onwards, it's bit of a lottery.

It is exciting nevertheless, but seems as if F1 has changed a lot recently.
Where exactly did Schumacher say "the tyres reward who can go the slowest"?
All I can see is him talking of how EVERYONE has to drive well below the car's limits to maintain the tyres.
Seeing as though everyone in the field has to manage tyres, whoever goes fastest while avoiding mistakes wins.
As indeed has been the case this season...
Back to the original question, one word - Meh! I'm not sure what it is but it just hasn't lit up. Maybe I should just watch reruns of the 80's on You Tube.
Funny you should say that because when it comes to tyres, the situation isn't that different to what it was in the 1985-86 period, albeit for different reasons.
Back then it was not unusual to see drivers needing two tyre changes, sometimes more, in the course of a race. Not because rubber compounds were made any softer but because those monster engines were a bit much for the rear tyres.
It's too much like GP2. Driver aids are outlawed so instead we have "push to catch" and "push to pass", hang on, er driver aids. Season after season we have technological innovation stamped on and crushed under the FIA rule boot (and I do mean 'boot'). Technological variety has been all but phased out.

We are left with blip-vert racing, where all of the technological genius employed to create these incredible racing machines, and all of the incredible intellect and racecraft brought to the track, is subserviant to the rubber on the wheels and the siting and length of FIA dictated DRS zones.

If it weren't for the fact that the cream inevitably rises to the top, we would have no idea whether or not any the chaps out there were good, average or amazing. And that's what I'm having difficulty with at the moment. When the commentator says that the winner, whomesoever that may be, has driven the perfect race, I am not always convinced. As FB says, I too feel it "has not lit" up and although my diatribe above gets close, my finger has also not quite put itself on the proverbial button.
I've enjoyed it enormously, but I don't particularly care who wins (or not). Obviously those who yearn for their favourite to win every single race will be disappointed.

If any of the current drivers were really outstanding, they would show it. In my view the reason they appear to be much of a muchness, is simply that they are.
As David Coulthard says 'I love this new 2012 season' I would enjoy it even more, if Lewis Hamilton had won a race and Michael Schumacher hadn't had so many problems!
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