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Greenlantern101 As with all lists, I must admit there are some films that I'm surprised to see or that I'd move around etc. but no list is perfect. The list is based on the ratings of regular members (the formula is at the bottom of the list), not critics, which perhaps makes the number of older films even more surprising. It also means that the list is evolving all the time though, which is good. Often you find that big recent films, like the Avengers (which is currently 125th) will find there way to a high position and then slowly move down as the hype disappears.

I can see reasons why the films you list aren't on the list, but that's your subjective opinion of course. Avatar, for example, is absolutely stunning visually but the story isn't particularly original. In 10 years time when the visual effects are out of date I suspect we may look back at it as an average film. For me, one film that I think should be on there is "Drive".


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My wife just watched the trailer, the first thing she said was "what?", followed by "****ing hell" thrice then, surprisingly, "yo mother****er".
I think we'll be watching the movie by the sound of it.

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I used to know someone with the surname Watt. He could get peed off with all the jokes about his name that he had endured all his life. He should have changed his name to Howe.


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I'll be on that. Comes out of my birthday so will be getting a group together to view it. Fancy dress obviously. Moustaches compulsary. The question is fake tache or I think there's enough time to grow my own.


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I didn't get Anchorman, too American in terms of the humour references. My youngest wants to go see Bad Grandpa but he's not old enough. Fast forward through to 1:30 for a really funny scene.

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