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There are way too many to mention - there just aren't enough hours in the day and we never get a chance to go to the cinema any more due to our daughter.

Here's one I'm looking forward to watching when it comes on Sky though :D

Warning: Bad language in the second video.

Greenlantern101 The original Death Race is a real camp fest and, if I'm honest, I preferred the Jason Statham remake but don't let me put you off. I bought Dark Star on DVD recently and sat my kids down to watch this "brilliant film". They left the room after 20 minutes and I just sat smiling for the rest of the movie with the lounge to myself.

The film I'm waiting to see at the moment is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Had the chance to watch it on a flight a few months ago but wanted to enjoy it on a bigger screen having missed it at the cinema. Think it's just out on dvd so might drop some subtle hints for Father's Day.
Figured what the hell.. Just ordered Death race 2000 and Dark Star from Amazon. Both now digitally remastered on Blue ray, BONUS !
All the star wars films and Sherlock Holmes (the new one).
You've never seen Starwars ? Wow.
Bit of advice, start in the order they were released Episode 4 (star wars) then The Empire strikes back Ep 5 (the best one), then The Return of the Jedi Ep 6 then go on to watch ep 1 - 3
If you start with Ep 1 you wont watch any of the others because Ep 1 is so shit.

Sherlock holmes is good but prefered the recent bbc tv series.
I hate to break this to you Greenlantern101 but Dark Star was filmed on 16mm so buying it on Blu Ray is a bot of a waste of money. It's still a brilliant film though - watch out for the alien!
FB :thumbsup: I know. I read this on Amazon before ordering.

Product Description

John Carpenter's pulp science fiction classic - this brilliantly clever and funny parody of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, follows a warped intergalactic mission to blow up unstable planets. Four bored astronauts fill in time between missions catching up on their tans with the help of a sun-lamp, playing with a suspiciously plastic-looking alien mascot they are taking back to Earth and conversing with their female version of Hal. Things start to go horribly wrong when the spaceship computer misfires and a 'smart bomb' thinks it is God.

This all new Blu-ray edition has been sourced from an original 16 x 9 35mm theatrical print. The film was shot originally as 16mm, then blown up to 35mm for theatrical distribution. This new master has been subject to a new grade and extensive manual frame by frame digital restoration. This we believe is the finest presentation ever of this science fiction classic...
No!! You destroyed my (apalling) attempt to mask FB 's spoiler. There is nothing else for you to consider now, buy it.
The bomb is god.
Olivier - I should refer you to my post in the Worst Film you Ever saw thread but each to their own. The rest of my family loved it.

gethinceri & Greenlantern101 I didn't say what the alien was or much else about it, just to watch for it. I love that alien and want to know where to get one LOL
Don't see Prometheus.

Want to see the Alien films, but I think I won't find them as good due to the special effects, the effects where probably the best for it's time, like the first Terminator movie, but not really a fan of the first Terminator.

The first Sherlock Holmes, (saw the second one in the cinemas).
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