Fill in the blanks I

Probably spend it ... his little ... in ... with 13 ... and a donkey

  • farming, small holding, somerset, acres

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  • rehearsing, nativity play, a stable, school children

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  • stroking, ducks, their house, MP's

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Inspired by Speshal and cider_and_toast, here's the latest game to pass the time away.

Take a phrase, remove some key words and then fill in the blanks.
The first phrase is from Speshal:

This time Max's style of hard bargaining has backfired on him, whatever will he do with all the free time now?
Probably spend it :censored: his little :censored: in :censored: with 13 :censored: and a donkey
Submit your suggestions below (clean ones only please ) and when we have enough we'll hold a vote and the winner gets to choose the next phrase.

Just remember the forum rules and potential libel... ;)
Probably spend it tapping his little finger in rhythm with 13 drummers and a donkey.

:embarrassed: Not great I know but the Donkey is really hard to fit in...
Probably spend it challenging his little mind in competition with 13 chickens and a donkey
Do we get a poll to decide the winner or is this competition decided by the leader of the TYHA?
Well it would seem that I've won the first CTA fill in the blanks contest so I guess I'd better find another quote. Shouldn't be too hard knowing F1's great and good.

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