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The FIA has taken advantage of some obscure regulation to force all teams to make all radio transmissions available to all.
No longer can they use their "privacy button" to protect sensitive information.

Up until now, teams have had the ability to censor their communications, pressing a button that allows them to keep what is said between their drivers and the men on the pit wall away from prying ears.

However, the FIA have taken steps to stop that.

According to Auto, Moto und Sport, motorsport's governing body has taken advantage of a passage in the Sports Act, which states that radio traffic should be made available to all.

However, in a bid to ensure the more colourful drivers keep their swearing to themselves, there will be a short delay between the radio message being said and it being broadcast, allowing FIA race director Charlie Whiting to intervene.

Already, though, concerns have been raised with Mercedes GP team boss Ross Brawn revealing that it won't be long before teams start talking in code, leaving the viewing public with no clue as to what is actually going on.

I have to say I agree with Ross Brawn.
Teams will be forced to use code now to stop other teams from finding out about strategy and technical details.
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Brogan said:
The FIA has taken advantage of some obscure regulation to force all teams to make all radio transmissions available to all.

I was going to post this last night but I'm not 100% on the translation of the original source : ... =&ie=UTF-8

Here is says they are to be made "publicly available".

When I read it last night I got ahead of myself and thought that the BBC for instance would start putting the radio traffic stream on their website so we could hear all the radio chatter.

I'm not too sure what it really means. :unsure:
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I think it just means the teams can no longer press the button to censor certain transmissions.

So although we won't necessarily hear any more transmissions during a race shown on TV, anyone with the capability to received the broadcasts will now hear everything that is said.
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Brogan said:
I think it just means the teams can no longer press the button to censor certain transmissions.

The thing is, I was sure this was implemented at the start of 2009, because there was an announcement about it and I remember very well in Melbourne actually hearing Raikkonen and Hamilton speaking on the radio for the first time! LOL

I can only presume that the fact they're no longer blocking certain transmissions relates to when they are in their garage, because that was the only time previously when teams were allowed to do that, as far as I know.
I think it will be a bit of an own goal for the FIA, now the teams could quite easily speak about everything in code, making it pointless broadcasting any of the radio conversations..
hmmm...... Another pointless feature going to be used?

Don't care for for live timing, (although useful if your at work i suppose)
Don't care for the GPS thingy,
Don't care for for a feature that requires a world war II codebraker to work out what they are saying.

Pointless pointless pointless, I watch F1 to actually watch Racing, not have 3/4 tabs open on my Browser, giving me pointless boring stats i could work out if i was actually watching the race, to see fi driver A will get out ahead of driver B, which i find out when i see it on circuit, and to hear that Driver A needs to go to 'point A', 'use mode 4' and to turn up the neon flux to 11'.

All this is just distracting from the point of F1 which is to watch 20-26 drivers racing each other for the best position possible.
The Live Timing screen I find extremely interesting, in both qualifying and the race. The commentary and TV feed can't always cover the parts of the race I'd like to see and being able to see time gaps across the field whenever I like is brilliant, plus you can see for yourself which drivers are quick in which sectors instead of relying on the sporadic graphics on screen.

I haven't seen the driver tracker yet and I don't really think it would add much to my viewing, plus you're right, you'd have to (Martin?) Brundle-Fly to watch all the various feeds.
Yeah the Live Timing is extremely useful, the BBC circuit tracker is useful i think as well, particulary in and around pit stops not shown on the tv.
The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

Live timing and the driver tracker are superb.

Hearing all the team radio in real time all the time would be great :D
Personally, I tryed the F1 live timing, during the practice sessions when ITV shown it online during 08, I found it a nuisance. switching constantly back and forth, the live timing and whats going on on screen not correlating.

Oh and just to clear up if making all radio transmissions availbe means just to the broadcasters or FOM (whoever controls what comes up on screen) that would be great, but if to release as another online/extra TV feature, as a feed, then that to me is just another nuisance.
I know what you mean AMR, at Bahrain this year I tried a fancy setup of my TV on mute, radio 5 live on the DAB radio, a live timing window on the computer with another window with the BBC onboard feed. Didn't really work LOL

Although I found the driver tracker quite handy and not too distracting at the last race in Silverstone.
Bullfrog said:
I think I'm right in saying that the Live Timing we get now is the same screen the teams get in the pit lane.
I think the teams have much more sophisticated systems.

I watched a McLaren video a few days ago and even back in the HQ their live systems are amazing.
A bit like live timing, driver tracker, weather radar and video all merged into one.

I'll see if I can find it.
If you were listening to/watching practice, you'll have heard Crofty and Ant having a tiff about which timing screen to use, Crofty likes the basic one - which is the one we get, I think - while Ant and Karun like the full, super-power-extreme-awesome one.
I posted this in another place yesterday but as it amused me I though I would post it here too

Lewis Hamilton pit radio 10:25 am Friday 23rd July

LH - "Looking good guys. Shit, ****, bugger, ouch"
Pit - "Thanks Lewis, we didn't want lunch anyway!"

End transmission
Hey presto!

Ferrari kindly give us the first own goal with the radio, they obviously failed to plan ahead. :crazy: Their code for and delivery of team orders being the most idiotic and pathetic we have heard in a long time. :givemestrength:

The teams really do need to think ahead and a little privacy wouldn't go amiss either. :bored:
They could improve the code...

Felipe, the eagle flies tonight. I repeat, the eagle flies tonight.

As it was, that Brundle said on lap 20 something that they were looking for "Fernando is going faster than you" shows just how idiotic the radio call was!
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