Poll Ferrari and McLaren: Who will get to the top first?

Which team will win a race/championship first?

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I can see McLaren struggling in the early part of this season due to the Honda unit but with two world champions they could be pushing for podiums by the back end of the season. The Ferrari, on the other hand, looks like it could be quick out of the blocks this year and could notch up a couple of wins. I can't see them challenging the Mercs for the title though. If Honda can sort out the gremlins this season then I think McLaren could be in contention in 2016 with Alonso. So Ferrari first for wins and McLaren for a championship
Alonso. With his previous history at the team, I don't expect them to cut him a lot of slack.

I am also not convinced of his ability to develop a car. In his five years at Maranello, the team finished: 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Their point totals were: 396,375,400,354, and 216.

From that, it appears that they were on a constant downward trend while FA was their lead driver. Not a ringing endorsement of his abilities to improve a team, as far as I can see.

Slack aplenty or Alonso wouldn't have returned to the lowly ones and Ron will ensure that.

And who knows how badly off Ferarri may have been without Alonso's input? Stats and perception - both flawed or, maybe, without evidence, either way.
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With the complete shakeup of the Red Menace team, does anyone know if any of those fired were being retained upon the insistence of FA?
I was expecting this to be a landslide win for McLaren but turns out I was wrong, it's more or less 50/50 and after Ferrari's showing at the first test I'm not so sure myself anymore!
I've been an fan of Hamilton, Button, Massa, and Alonso for years, but it appears being a fan of Alonso, even if you try to contribute something worthwhile to the discussion means to many, your fair game for abuse. Add the fact that I have faith based beliefs and I appear to be a worthwhile target to be insulted and hurt.
I used to enjoy this site, not any more, so I have serious doubts whether I'll be back. Like most people I have feelings.
Kewee I certainly don't think anyone is having a go at your faith and I don't think anyone is having a go at you for being an Alonso fan. Just poking fun at the extremeness of your fandom.

I do enjoy hearing your view on here even if I sometimes down right don't agree with it. Isn't that what forums are for? Hearing others views. If teasing offends then I'm sorry - I just can't help myself and to be fair its not personnel. I'm an equal rights teaser.

I've been called everything from Vettels Dad to a Hamilton hater to someone who only watches races on Wikipedia on here but I don't take it personal. So please don't be offended and stick around.

P.S. Jos the Boss weather predictions are rubbish.
Gary Anderson's intial review of the 2015 cars in this weeks Autosport is less than favorable towards the Ferraris. It's all in the sidepods apparently. According to Anderson they don't look anywhere near as well thought out as the other top teams, looking like they'be been designed to cover the contents rather than as an integral part of the aero package.
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