Fernando's Fury


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Let's keep this going and offend everyone. Fernando has been know to get upset, a little, every now and again, so let's put together a few examples.

2007 - If you don't treat me as No.1 I'll send all these e-mails to the FIA
Germany 2010 - He is so slow, make him get out of the way
Abu Dhabi 2010 - That bloody Russian should know his place and move over
Singapore 2008 - Look, I need to win. Isn't there anything else you can do?

Please add some more, I really should be doing some work...
I'm getting a bit confused here... I thought Jen's "What's happened chronological order?" post was part of the thread. As in, something that Alonso would say?
"Approaching the second chicken ... but after the chicken ,,,and then the last chicken you try to take as quick as you can ... I love the chickens"
Not sure I ever considered it a sport - more of an enterprise :)

Edit: my opinion, not necessarily Nando's
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