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Another random quiz to have a peek at.

1. What amazing feat did Gerhard Berger complete for the Benetton team?
2. Who scored pole position at the 1982 US Grand Prix West?
3. Whose remarks about finding it difficult to drive a normally-aspirated car did James Hunt describe as 'bullshit' during the 1989 Monaco Grand Prix?
4. In that very same race, what did Brabham do for the final time? (There are two answers to this one!)
5. Who was the third Japanese driver to score a point in F1?
6. Name Minardi's driver pairing for 1998.
7. Jenson Button will drive his 200th race in Hungary (Provided he starts!). Where did he finish in his 100th start?
8. Name two team founders called 'Enzo' that did not found Ferrari?
9. Before Lewis Hamilton's win last weekend, when did McLaren last win at the Nurburgring?
10. Where did Eddie Irvine finish in the 1998 standings?
11. At which race did Jordan score their first points?
12. Apart from being World Champions, what do Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost, Jacques Villeneuve, Kimi Raikkonen Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have in common.
13. How many points did Elio de Angelis score in 1984?
14. Which World Champion scored a lowly 8th overall in the 1989 season?
15. Who scored more points: Raul Boesel or Zsolt Baumgartner?
16. At which race did Franck Lagorce record his only finish?

Answers shortly!
  1. 1) Greand Chelem
    [*]2) Prost
    [*]3) Piquet
    [*]4) Win/lead
    [*]5) Ide?
    [*]6) Pierre Someone and err....Doornbos?
    [*]7) 11th
    [*]8) Enzo Alfa Romeo and Enzo team from the 80s
    [*]9) 2001
    [*]10) 3rd
    [*]11) 1996? Monaco?
    [*]12) All have an I in their name
    [*]13) 19
    [*]14) Piquet
    [*]15) Zsolt
    [*]16) ...
Score Benetton's first (1986 Mexican GP) and last (1997 German GP) wins. Interestingly, these were the only wins Berger would take for Benetton.
Andrea de Crashe... I mean Andrea de Cesaris. And, yes, he did crash in the race.
The driver struggling to adapt was Rene Arnoux, at the time driving for Ligier
Brabham scored their last podium (Stefano Modena was 3rd) and with Martin Brundle, despite shennanigans with his battery finishing sixth, Brabham got their final ever double points score
Ukyo Katayama, who was fifth at the 1994 Brazilian GP, albeit 2 laps down
Shinji Nakano and Esteban Tuero, who scored a grand total of nowt in 1998
8th in the 2005 Chinese GP
Take a bow Enzo Coloni and Enzo Osella, founders of Coloni (1987-91) and Osella (1980-90). Both teams were pants
Fernando Alonso won here in 2007
He finished 4th with 47 points for Ferrari
It was at the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix, where de Cesaris took fourth and Gachot took fifth, both moving up because of Nigel Mansell's waving ability
They were all debutant point scorers!
Elio took 3rd in the championship for Lotus-Renault with the rather odd score of 34.5 points, despite failing to win a race
It was triple WDC Nelson Piquet, scoring twelve points for Lotus
Thanks to an eighth at the 2004 US GP, Zsolt Baumgartner edges Boesel 1-0
He finished 10th in the 1994 Australian GP

Good luck!
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