Fathers & Sons

If all goes to plan, in Valencia in 18 days from now, Michael Schumacher will make an eagerly anticipated return
to Formula 1. Barring any last minute changes he will line up on the grid with Williams driver Kazuki
Nakajima. Nakajima's father, Satoru, also competed alongside Michael back in 1991.

If Nelsinho wasn't leaving Renault, he would be another son of an F1 father who had competed with
the 7-times world champion.

Anyone know any others?

I can add Alain Prost who competed with both Mario and Michael Andretti.

As far as I know these are the other father/son combinations:

Mario & Michael Andretti
Jack & David Brabham (also Gary - DNQ)
Wilson & Christian Fittipaldi
Graham & Damon Hill
Satoru & Kazuki Nakajima
Reg & Tim Parnell
Nelson & Nelsinho Piquet
Keke & Nico Rosberg
Hans & Hans-Joachim Stuck
Gilles & Jacques Villeneuve
Manfred & Markus Winkelhock
That's a pretty amazing statistic, for a driver to have driven alongside a father and son and goes to show just how long Michael Schumacher has been racing in F1.
Brian_W_Lawrence said:
Anyone know any others?

The only combination I can think of others for is the Andrettis - de Cesaris, Patrese, Warwick and Alboreto all raced against both Mario and Michael. Nigel Mansell would have, too, if he'd stuck in F1 for 1993 instead of going to the U.S.

The Parnells is another possibility but I'd have to go rooting through the history books for that.
According to the DB, Reg Parnell raced in '50, '51, '52 & '54 and Tim in '59, '61 & '63.

Now just have to find anyone who raced in either of those sets of years and whether it was at the same GPs.
I'll add Andre & Teddy Pilette as father/son.

The Parnells- I'll offer Maurice Trintignant, Roy Salvadori & Stirling Moss. If you include Tim's DNQs
you can add Harry Schell.
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