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restarts this weekend i think everything still stands. i still think Mick schumacher its a make or break year. he has to challenge for the championship to keep his crediblity. i think swartzmann is the favourite. if i was to give a top 3 (that will likely look stupid in november LOL )
1) Robert Shwartzman
2) Guanyu Zhou
3) Jehan Daruvala

but also looking at some names in feeder series Fittipaldi Doohan Nannini Peroni Schumacher Williams (but no relation). no im not talking about motorsport in 80s & 90s. the 1st 5 are all famous sons of great motorsport drivers racing in F3 in 2020. which going lead to some weird commentary. throw in Murray Walker shouting "Fittipaldi just thrown 1 down the inside of peroni" people can add time travel to the weird hallocations of 2020. but if i had put my neck out there. i know very little on F3 but ive been hearing good things about Oscar Piastri managed by fellow aussie Mark webber
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for me Zhou looks likley to push on and i would put a small wager on him (if i was the type to gamble), its an interesting grid and its totally open in reality
yeah there are a good 8 - 10 on the F2 grid that wouldnt surprise me at all if they won. Ticktum, armstrong, lundgaard, ghitto, aikten, Schumacher + the my top 3. if they did challenge for the title
qualifying for F2 was incredibly close. 2nd - 13th separated by 3 tenths. zhou living up to the pre season expectations but Felipe Drugovich on front row is hugely out of the blue considering in F3 last yr he finished 16th on 8 pts only had 1 top 10 finish all season. 4th - 9th is usual suspects. but shame no ranguathon 6 secs off the oace for some comedic value

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managed to catch the F2 feature from Saturday. very entertaining to see the drivers in the wet conditions. & how schwartzman managed to go from 6th to 1st to take his 1st victory in his 3rd race. even if it was fortunate with tsunoda radio packing up pitting 4 laps later that cost him the victory

looking as if title race could be a 3 horse race Schwartzman, Zhou, Ilott but Armstrong is certainly showing glimpses of potential
masterful drive from Shwartzmann getting a congratulations from luca binotto himself. which if i was Giovinazzi or Raikkonen. i would be getting a tad nervy. its 1 thing to luck into correct strategy starting on the mediums but he drove brilliant making the mediums last competitively for 27 laps when some were struggling alot after 15 laps. & when he passed Schumacher the winner on soft tyre 1st. he was going 4 seconds a lap faster
Dan ticktum not doing himself any favours today. “Next time he [Deletraz] pulls a kamikaze move like that, I’m going to crash into him. I’ll never give him that much respect ever again,” of all people to say such a stupid thing & he says its "out of context" im not so sure especially with his history & 2 year ban for actually carrying it out on ricky collard

& also mob decended on will buxton for having an opinion & critical of ticktum. why i dont :dunno: because i dont know why ticktum is above the law. as we know Vettel was Reprimaned for baku, verstappen was reprimanded for his headbutt comment. ferruci was dropped after doing it, instead of saying it & had to go to america because no-one in europe would touch him with a barge pole & ticktum with history should know better, how on earth did he think that was even acceptable to say you would crash with someone. shows that he might not have grown up. as we cant forget alot of believed 2 years ban was very lenient & as some felt he shouldnt have it back

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I think F2's subtitle this year should be "how will Mick Schumacher mess up this week"

Becoming a big fan of Tsunoda. He's making his much fancied team mate Deruvla look like a mug.
Well no one is talking about Illott who is the other Ferrari backed driver? Which ever Ferrari drivrr comes out on top is lined up for Haas or Alfa
yeah ilott is the big surprise for me. as i thought top 5 maybe but hes been very good this season & extremely unlucky for 2 safety cars in last 8 laps. when had the win in the bag
I think he is ready for stepping up now so as long as he keeps reminding Ferrari on Grand Prix weekends surely he is a definite for a Haas or Alfa Alfa seat?
just reading about F3 & shocked that jake Hughes was 26 leaving F3 after his 5th year. i know many have debuted older. but when your in F3 & half of the F1 grid is younger than you. maybe its time to luck somewhere else. because 26 for a driver in a feeder series is ancient
ive been wary of overhyping mick Schumacher but as i always try to do credit where credit is due. when there is a F1 seat up for grabs. he is hitting form at the perfect time & is getting better not fading away under the pressure of his name & the title battle. as hes now finished in top 5 each of last 8 races. finish on the podium in 6 of them.

championship table of the big 4 linked to F1 since the catalunya sprint race
Schumacher - 115
Illot - 44 (thats is more down to badly timed SC)
Tsunoda - 86
Shwartzmann - 33
From what I can work out he's had a lucky win, a reverse grid win and now race win where in the post race interview he said he would have been happy to finish second as it would have kept his lead in the Championship. I'm going to suggest he's a bit more Ralph than Michael as no racing driver should admit not not wanting to win.

Of course, I may be very wrong.
by no means im saying he is in category of Leclerc Russell Norris yet. but it is great consistency at the perfect time. & its the good qualifying & having a great start. that puts him in these great positions.
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