F1 World Champions analysis


I have knocked up a spreadsheet on the records of our 32 world champions in F1. Here is a few points to note:

  • I have used a standardised scoring system, which is the current system (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1)
  • I have recorded stats regarding overall career, a brakdown per team, and a breakdown per season
  • 'PPR'- This is the points per race start for each driver based upon the current scoring system
  • On the 'season breakdown' sheet, I have included 'championship score' and 'dropped score' columns so that the points in each season are applicable to the rules at that time
  • '5/F7'- This means the best five from the first seven races count towards the world championship score. Similarly, '5/L7' means that the best five from the last seven count towards the world championship. '11' means that the best eleven scores count towards world championship totals.


  • F1 records.xlsx
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Thanks for that. Keke won't be best pleased...

I'm intrigued to see Jensen* Button is averaging more points per race this season than he did when he won the championship in 2009 (taking the whole year). Quite startling.

*This is how the FIA are spelling it now in their official communiques, ok?
Keke never really had a world championship winning car (including the car he actually won in). That early part of his career, and the dreadful early Williams-Hondas would have brought his average down somewhat.
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