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In the recent Formula 1 fan survey, there is a box for you to write up to 250 words on what changes you would make to the technical or sporting regulations. Copy and paste your 250 word suggestions here, I promise I won't criticize ;)
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I mentioned aero - simplify it, and tyres won't degrade so much from lack of downforce when the cars get close to each other, which means closer racing can happen.

I also mentioned financial distribution, as ATL11 did.
Link to the survey here if you want to vent.

1) Team funding: Fair payouts based on position in championship. Removal of top 5 team premium payments. Team last in championship receives no less than 50% of the winning team.
2) Get rid of Bernie he is a crook who is destroying the sport purely to make himself richer.
3) No more street tracks. None. The racing is terrible and not suited to the speed of F1.
4) Tiny wings, big fat tyres. Mechanical grip not aero. Its the only way to make overtaking work without DRS.
5) Fuel saving, tyre saving, electric boost saving, engine saving, it all has to go. F1 should flat out all the time start to finish.
6) Dump all the tracks in countries where they don't give care about F1. Bring back all the classics, the core of F1 that Bernie has systematically destroyed.
7) Cost cap and personel cap. Base on Mid team current budget say Williams. No vote, force it through. Accept it or leave the sport.
8) Free to view tv in all countries for all races. Anything else will put F1 in the grave. You will never attract new fans if you have to pay to see if you like it.
9) Points for all race places. Currently the back of the grid is determined by best race result not points. That is wrong 1 lucky race and you can finish ahead of a team that has been beating you all year.
10) No DRS
Keep Monza!
Restore the German & French GP's. The French more or less invented motor sport for goodness sake!
Get rid of GP's where there is loads of cash for Bernie but no real following or appetite for F1 among the indigenous population.
Get rid of Bernie.
Make the promoter pay the circuits for the privilege of hosting Grands Prix, not the other way round.
Get rid of re-fuelling, fuel limits and DRS.
Reduce dependence on aero so cars can follow more closely to have a chance to overtake.
Did I mention get rid of Bernie?
Get rid of DRS (or keep it permanently open)!
I ranted for the whole 250 words, including how whatever I write won't matter anyway unless it happens to coincide with the agenda of one of the Strategy group.
Here is mine, word for word:
Mandate a single plane front and rear wing of X by Y dimensions made of aluminum, allow limited ground effects and make the tires a lot wider-basically a return to 1990 aerodynamics. This would reduce costs to teams because they wouldn't have to manufacture dozens of costly carbon fiber wings every season, or spend so much time in the wind tunnel plus the racing would be a lot closer. Open up the engine rules and allow any gasoline burning piston engine as long as it gets all its air through an FIA spec airflow restrictor, and permit a larger restrictor for any team running an engine block from a production road going car. This would encourage factory teams to join and show off their engine technology. Reduce the number of mechanics permitted during pit stops and make them wait behind a yellow line until the car has come to a complete stop. Not only would this be safer but fans could actually watch what happens instead of the mad, 2 second flurry that goes on now. On the Monday following every race and at the same track, permit open testing of 2 cars per team using only back up or test drivers. Cover this testing on a Web TV Formula 1 show and have knowledgeable hosts cover all aspects of Formula 1. The teams and cars are already at the track, teams want to test and new drivers need seat time so it's a cheaper way to get these things.
What's wrong with no aero, at least we could find out who can drive, but that also would upset a few aerodynamics engineers as their jobs go, unless there is a future in producing aerodynamic cars without wings that go very fast and cling on for grim death on corners and refuse to take off on the straights.:whistle:
"Allow racing, get rid of pit to driver communications completely - once the guy is in the car it is down to him. Ban team orders (if you don't, what is the point of 2 drivers - WCC, I know - but detracts from the 'spectacle'). Allow innovation whether it be from the engine providers or the chassis builders; they are both there to stretch and refine the boundaries. Forget the idea of environmentally friendly - F1 is hardly likely to sink the planet! Stop tweaking the rules to make it more exciting - if left alone it is a really exciting sport - no more night races, no more street races, bring it back to where it belongs and rejuvenate some of the 'old' tracks. Allow competition between engine builders and tyre providers. Stop being so anally retentive as to attract the 'casual' viewer and concentrate on those who have been fans through thick and thin. What else can I say? I started loving the sport as a teenager, I am an OAP now and beginning to lose interest - it used to be about racing now it is about money".

My pennyworths!
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If F1 is meant to be the pinnacle of motorsport then aerodynamics and downforce should absolutely play a major role and it infuriates me when people suggest otherwise. Maybe the regulations can be changed to redistribute downforce around the car and reduce the effect on the following car (although that didn't work last time...) but if you want a race series with no or primitive aerodynamics there are plenty for you to choose from away from F1.

I made a suggestion along the lines of removing the fuel flow limit and increasing the total race fuel limit slightly to allow them to race to the rev limit and use a wider range of fuel usage strategies during the race. And also loosening the engine development regs to allow Renault and Honda to sort out their mess, whilst placing restrictions on the cost of customer engines so the smaller teams don't end up paying for the extra development cost.

In general I am now in favour of reverse grids, which I wan't before. It's the only way I can think of to guarantee action packed races without resorting to artificial gimmicks like DRS, tyres that fall apart, extremely restrictive car design etc.
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I quite like the idea of reverse grids as well, but they would only really work if there were (at least) two races, one based on actual qualifying position and one reversed. Otherwise there will never be any incentive to qualify fastest!

Also, one would have to ask how far back the grid is reversed: GP2-style top eight finishers from race 1, or top six to ten lottery-style a la BTCC. Or the whole grid? Will Stevens in a Marussia on pole, anyone?
Don't be silly, F1 is about racing, or should be, not giving the guy at the back a chance!
If there were a reverse grid we would see drivers going round in a "how slow can you go" qualifying session or not running at all, as used to happen before they were given an extra set of tyres for Q3. It just won't work and doesn't make any sense. You may just as well pick qualifying positions out of a bag.
I would like to see simpler wings but underbody aero could improve to make up for the loss of downforce and this would allow closer racing. Also, we have a kart league that runs a reverse grid based on championship points and it works great, the cream really does rise to the top.
Reverse grids would have to be GP2 format with a feature race based on qually and sprint race with top 10 reversed. Anything else won't work or qually would be pointless and it would have to be based on points.

I think it would be a good idea for maybe just 2 races of the year, the dullest ones. So Monaco and Spain.
I thought the object of F1 racing was to give the best drivers a chance to drive very fast cars with the latest technology. F1 today seems to be designing an aircraft that won't take off with a regulated piston engine attached to a battery boost system. That modern design is OK for a fastish machine operating in it's envelope, but becomes inefficient in close company with its competition and has problems keeping station unless in a straight line.
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