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"Master Kenobi Schumacher, strayed to the dark side of the force front of the grid Anakin Nico has, but look to the empire race you must"


On a serious note, I think Schumacher's race pace has been very good this year. He probably has started two or three places behind Nico on average but I think what's hurt him most are several clumsy accidents. Last year the points standings finished with a points ratio of around 2:1 in the favour of Nico but so far this year it's 4:3 which is a fairly significant improvement. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do next year, particularly if Mercedes end up making a race winning car.
Han Solo Jenson Button and Lando Calrissian Lewis Hamilton must team up to defeat the emperor Adrian Newey and Darth Vader Sebastian Vettel!

Don't you mean Lando Karthikayan? I was corrected on this before by Murray Skywalker who interrupted me when I was speaking to Micheal Chewbacca.


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