Technical F1 Engines - Where to for the future?

cider_and_toast - agreed - the one place where you can imagine internal combustion continuing is in pure biofuels - as then at least, net production of CO2 is much lower. (I don't know if you've noticed, but petrol pumps have rapidly been converted to 10% Ethanol in the UK, from the standard 5%)

The future is either electric, or energy directly obtained from chemical reactions - but you'd think that big manufacturers would want to shape the premiere motor racing series (unless they see that now as Formula E - which has a much larger manufacturer presence!)
Dartman - strangely enough, that’s precisely what is done to provide meat for consumption... huge fields are devoted to producing feed to provide to cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, etc. Without the global demand for meat, less land would need to be used to produce the equivalent amount of plant-based food…

However, going back to biofuels, one of the advantage is that the net CO2 from biofuels is much much lower than other fuel sources. Whilst we continue to burn things to produce energy, it’s better that it’s biofuels rather than fossil fuels. That being said, if we moved towards a more plant-based world, we could use some of the land currently used to grow animal feed to produce ethanol!
The Artist..... , sounds good but much of the land producing meat is not suitable for farming crops, pigs and chickens quite happily grub about in woods, sheep on hills, cattle except for the UK tend to graze on natural plains, grain is produced on fairly low level easily drained land or in dry areas irrigated.
Ihave yet to see a statement that states bio fuel has a total less CO2 output taking into account the loss of oxygen and collection of CO2 from forests.
The human body has still not yet evolved full to take a total vegetarian diet without supplements, we just ain't designed that way and modifications will take generations, I'll have a steak thanksLOL
dont cosworth have 3rd most wins as an engine manufacturer because im sure i heard they were 2nd until 2018?? i think when mercedes overtook them
Biofuels is not good because it means instead producing food crops they are used for fuels which actually meant the cost of food starting to go up
Il_leone - As I said above, we dedicate more land for feeding animals raised for meat, than the land that would be needed to grow all the (plant-based) protein and food that mankind needs.

As such, if we all went vegan, then there would be land left over for producing biofuels, and no pressure on food prices (food prices could actually fall because of the reduction in inputs required). :D
Does that include land not suitable for crops that is used for animal grazing, statements tend to quote facts that are true but not practical.
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Dartman - no. The land that is used for producing animal feed (e.g. soy, grain etc.,) is more than enough to produce the equivalent total protein demand for humans…. It’s terribly inefficient!
Does this mean we can expect smaller capacity ICU's and a move away from the V6 formula? Didn't Ferrari veto the idea of going with an in-line 4 as "Ferrari don't use 4 cylinder engines"?
Larger capacity electric storage, perhaps less fuel, ditch DRS with new rules allowing extra electrical power in the old DRS zones and perhaps more areas, bit similar to E Formula series but a within a time to leading car.
That should mix it up as with limited fuel and more electrical power there is a trade off to finish
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