F1 Awards of the Year 2011


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Welcome to the F1 Awards of the Year, where a dedicated judging panel gives out gongs and trophies for excellence and other related matters in Formula One this year! Starting with:

Schumacher Dominance Award goes to ... Sebastian Vettel.

Zanardi/Nakajima Award for Driving a Williams To Little Effect goes to Pastor Maldonado.

And Once Great status is confirmed for Williams Grand Prix Engineering.

Kimi Raikkonen award for Pretending You're Going to Return to F1: Kimi Raikkonen

Hakkinen 2001 Award for a Great Driver having a Poor Season: Lewis Hamilton

Hakkinen 2001 Award for Great Wins amongst Poor Season: Lewis Hamilton

Eddie Irvine Award for Extraordinary Achievements in Ferrari Number 2ism: Felipe Massa

Punch and Judy Award: Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa

The Award for Screwing Up Your F1 Career in One Race: Karun Chandhok

Gearbox Problem Of The Year: Sebastian Vettel in Brazil

Coincidental Actual Gearbox Problem Of The Year: Lewis Hamilton in Brazil

Patrese Award for Token Win: Webber

Award for Making Everyone Forget You Got Two Podiums: Renault

ATS & A-T-S Award For Having the Same Name: Lotus-Renault & Lotus-Renault

Mastercard Lola Australian 107% Award: HRT

Andrea Moda Seized By Customs Award: HRT

Badoer Award for Getting In The Way: Narain Karthikeyan

"Jesus Christ, Are You Mad?" Overtake of the Year: Mark Webber on Fernando Alonso at Eau Rouge

Award for Beating Highly Rated British Team-Mate: Adrian Sutil ;) (Who did you think it was going to be?)

Michael Schumacher Award for Avoiding Punishment By Stewards: Michael Schumacher in Italy

The "At Least Pretend You're Trying" Award for Team Radio: Sebastian Vettel, philosopher, historian.

Jarno Trulli Award for Mid-Season Dip: Kamui Kobayashi

Senna Award for Using Your Car as an Offensive Weapon: Pastor Maldonado

Pile-Up of the Year: Petrov, Alguersuari, Sutil, Hamilton et al in Monaco

Bill Oddie Award: David Coulthard in Montreal

Worst Moment for a Red Flag of the Year: Monaco

Nelsinho Piquet Award for Safety Car luck: Jenson Button at Montreal

Award for being Criticised because you're not beating a Seven-time World Champion by Enough: Nico Rosberg

Most Pointless Season: Mercedes (7th and 8th)

Award for Being Ferrari: Ferrari. (They deserve it ;))

Fool me twice, Shame On Me Award: Virgin. Behind HRT in the Championship. Again!

Jean-Louis Schlesser Award for Halting the March of Statistics: Sebastian Vettel's rear tyre in Abu Dhabi

The Award for Successfully Failing to be Eyeballed by RayInTorontoCanada: Fernando Alonso!

Grand Prix Driver We'd Forgot Existed of the Year: Narain Karthikeyan

Sakon Yamamoto Award for Pootling Around at the Back: Narain Karthikeyan

Award for Getting the Job because of your Nationality: Narain Karthikeyan

Award for Not Getting the Job despite your Nationality: Karun Chandhok

Award for Not Letting Drivers Through: Jenson Button in Australia

Breakdown of the Year: Nick Heidfeld in Hungary

Best Way to Finish Your Last Ever Race: Nick Heidfeld in Hungary (we think)

and finally Flying Award: Vitaly Petrov in Malaysia.
I shouldn't laugh, but the RayinToronto one does it for me. Which miserable so-and-so banned him? Compared to the wums on not606 he was a gentleman. You should have a look!

The idea of him eyeballing Fernie, shouting and gesticulating, and being ignored puts Alonso way up in my estimationLOL
The "Pushing with too few laps left" Award goes to Jenson Button

The "Jarno Trulli - what have you come as award!??" Award goes to Mark Webber for finally putting in a race winning performance about 18 races too late!!
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