Pre-Season F1 2022

the more i watch Formula E Qualifying the more im becoming certain this what F1 should be evolving towards after 16 yrs. because for those 16yrs it has been "if it aint broke dont fix it" it wasnt as there was nothing better til January

Q1 - like normal but you lose worst 6 drivers
Q2 - like normal but you lose worst 6 drivers

to leave 8 like Formula E for the Duels & standings of Q2 determine the seedings

because the most memorable qualifying for quite a number of years was Saudi Arabia & that was because of pressure of the impromptu duel between Verstappen & Hamilton. in the final seconds of qualifying
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Maybe Red Bull could call Donald Trump he is not far from Miami

Seriously the guy from FE would be good as long as he does not cock up
Donald Trump wouldn't want to talk with Red Bull. Knowing that someone else successfully stole a championship, would only remind him that he failed to steal an election.
Looks like theyโ€™ve gone gone from being a pink Mercedes, to a green RedBull.
Why is anyone surprised Red Bull keep protesting every time some team is faster than them supposedly Ferrari changed the floor during a tyre test

Ferrari think Red Bull will hit a cliff given the no of upgrades they seem to bring. Remember Red Bull wanted a budget of $175m not $145m cap. There are ways to get around it with clever accounting.

I am waiting for Red Bull to cry Wolff when they get caught
Looks like theyโ€™ve gone gone from being a pink Mercedes, to a green RedBull.
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Allegedly, Aston Martin designed "Two cars" over the winter.. This all seems rather jackanory - it seems bizarre that they've been able to bring such a major update, and to find that the design is so close to the Red Bull...
Allegedly, the FIA have been to the factory, to check that they had actually done the research themselves...
i heard that during FP1 interview with ted & Martin after the session. credit to them they pushed the question. it was hilariously awkward at times. but copying cars has all be the case hasnt it. its just never as blatant as Aston Martin did in 2020

im with Karun Chandhok. so many teams struggled to get 1 car to Bahrain & Aston Martin despite building a new Factory. they managed to finish design/build a car & then start in guessing January / February to design & build a B car. in case A doesnt work. either they are 'pink Mercedes' but at the moment they are innocent so we cant do anything but tip your hat off :goodday:to incredible work there

So who else do Red Bull want to complain about ? How about Alpha Tauri because they have same bodywork? Maybe Mercedes should complain that the Red Bull Power train contains copies of Mercedes engine?

The more Red Bull argues with everyone the better for Ferrari and Mercedes to be honest
they seem to have a point on this one. because there are alot of media people who think that they are guilty but dont want to or cant say
is this the week that mercedes are back to what we expect as. Miami proved they are figuring it out even if russell qualifying pace was a mystery because on a fully dry weekend I've never seen a driver go slower in qualifying than he did in practise
Mercedes' improvement will all but guarantee RB win both titles this season.

They are going to end up being closer to Ferrari than Ferrari and Mercedes are to RB, and both teams will take points off each other.
here a thing could Russell win the title. he's only 35pts of verstappen despite everything & Hamilton made 35pts up last season
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