F1 2009 Fastest Laps


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The following tables and charts detail all fastest laps achieved during the F1 2009 season.

Season Notes

  • Sébastien Bourdais was replaced by Jaime Alguersuari at Toro Rosso after Germany
  • Felipe Massa was substituted by Luca Badoer at Ferrari for Europe and Belgium
  • Nelsinho Piquet was replaced by Romain Grosjean at Renault after Hungary
  • Felipe Massa was substituted by Giancarlo Fisichella at Ferrari after Belgium
  • Giancarlo Fisichella was replaced by Vitantonio Liuzzi at Force India after Belgium
  • Timo Glock was substituted by Kamui Kobayashi at Toyota after Japan
For the individual race charts, any driver who didn't set a fastest lap or was significantly off the pace due to damage has been omitted.
Affected drivers are:

  • Australia
    Heikki Kovalainen [no time]
  • Malaysia
    Heikki Kovalainen [no time], Robert Kubica [no time]
  • China
    Jarno Trulli [2:00.330]
  • Spain
    Heikki Kovalainen [1:28.719], Jarno Trulli [no time], Sébastien Bourdais [no time], Sébastien Buemi [no time], Adrian Sutil [no time]
  • Turkey
    Giancarlo Fisichella [1:34.070]
  • Hungary
    Felipe Massa [DNS], Adrian Sutil [no time]
  • Belgium
    Jarno Trulli [1:50.029], Lewis Hamilton [no time], Romain Grosjean [no time], Jaime Alguersuari [no time], Jenson Button [no time]
  • Italy
    Mark Webber [no time]
  • Singapore
    Romain Grosjean [1:57.192]
  • Japan
    Timo Glock [DNS]
  • Brazil
    Fernando Alonso [no time], Jarno Trulli [no time], Adrian Sutil [no time]
Overall Fastest Lap
Grand PrixDriverTime
AustraliaNico Rosberg1:27.706
MalaysiaJenson Button1:36.641
ChinaRubens Barrichello1:52.592
BahrainJarno Trulli1:34.556
SpainRubens Barrichello1:22.762
MonacoFelipe Massa1:15.154
TurkeyJenson Button1:27.579
Great BritainSebastian Vettel1:20.735
GermanyFernando Alonso1:33.365
HungaryMark Webber1:21.931
EuropeTimo Glock1:38.683
BelgiumSebastian Vettel1:47.263
ItalyAdrian Sutil1:24.739
SingaporeFernando Alonso1:48.240
JapanMark Webber1:32.569
BrazilMark Webber1:13.733
Abu DhabiSebastian Vettel1:40.279
A chart showing the relative fastest lap achieved by each driver for each race.

A chart showing the fastest lap achieved by each team for each race in order from fastest at the bottom to slowest at the top.
The dotted lines are linear trendlines.
Two charts showing the total cumulative time and average time for each driver.

Where a driver didn't set a fastest lap in the race or was significantly off the pace due to damage, their time has been set to the slowest genuine fastest lap.
Affected drivers are:

  • Australia
    Heikki Kovalainen [no time]
  • Malaysia
    Heikki Kovalainen [no time], Robert Kubica [no time]
  • China
    Jarno Trulli [2:00.330 changed to 1:56.484]
  • Spain
    Heikki Kovalainen [1:28.719 changed to 1:24.490], Jarno Trulli [no time], Sébastien Buemi [no time], Adrian Sutil [no time]
  • Turkey
    Giancarlo Fisichella [1:34.070 changed to 1:29.192]
  • Hungary
    Adrian Sutil [no time]
  • Belgium
    Jarno Trulli [1:50.029 changed to 1:48.634], Lewis Hamilton [no time], Romain Grosjean [no time], Jaime Alguersuari [no time], Jenson Button [no time]
  • Italy
    Mark Webber [no time]
  • Brazil
    Fernando Alonso [no time], Jarno Trulli [no time], Adrian Sutil [no time]
Any drivers who have missed a race have been omitted from the charts.
Affected drivers are:

  • Felipe Massa
  • Luca Badoer
  • Nelsinho Piquet
  • Romain Grosjean
  • Sébastien Bourdais
  • Jaime Alguersuari
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi
  • Timo Glock
  • Kamui Kobayashi
f1_2009_fastest_laps_total_time.png f1_2009_fastest_laps_average_time.png
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Australia

1Nico Rosberg481:27.706
2Robert Kubica361:27.988
3Jenson Button171:28.020
4Sebastian Vettel81:28.140
5Nick Heidfeld481:28.283
6Timo Glock531:28.416
7Kimi Räikkönen351:28.488
8Mark Webber381:28.508
9Fernando Alonso531:28.712
10Jarno Trulli501:28.916
11Adrian Sutil431:28.943
12Giancarlo Fisichella511:29.005
13Lewis Hamilton391:29.020
14Rubens Barrichello431:29.066
15Felipe Massa301:29.141
16Sébastien Buemi341:29.230
17Sébastien Bourdais501:29.823
18Kazuki Nakajima61:29.923
19Nelsinho Piquet171:30.502
20Heikki Kovalainen--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Malaysia

1Jenson Button181:36.641
2Rubens Barrichello171:37.484
3Jarno Trulli121:37.591
4Nico Rosberg131:37.598
5Mark Webber141:37.672
6Sebastian Vettel101:38.427
7Kimi Räikkönen171:38.453
8Sébastien Buemi161:38.938
9Fernando Alonso171:39.006
10Nick Heidfeld171:39.084
11Lewis Hamilton171:39.141
12Sébastien Bourdais171:39.242
13Felipe Massa171:39.250
14Nelsinho Piquet181:39.268
15Kazuki Nakajima171:39.387
16Timo Glock181:39.406
17Giancarlo Fisichella161:39.407
18Adrian Sutil171:39.464
19Heikki Kovalainen--
20Robert Kubica--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - China

1Rubens Barrichello421:52.592
2Sebastian Vettel421:52.627
3Timo Glock421:52.703
4Mark Webber421:52.980
5Sébastien Bourdais431:53.474
6Jenson Button441:53.546
7Nick Heidfeld401:54.158
8Nico Rosberg551:54.243
9Fernando Alonso381:54.481
10Heikki Kovalainen411:54.516
11Sébastien Buemi421:54.590
12Lewis Hamilton391:54.665
13Adrian Sutil411:54.777
14Robert Kubica441:55.350
15Kimi Räikkönen381:55.396
16Nelsinho Piquet421:55.535
17Kazuki Nakajima381:56.167
18Giancarlo Fisichella371:56.239
19Felipe Massa161:56.484
20Jarno Trulli142:00.330
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Bahrain

1Jarno Trulli101:34.556
2Timo Glock61:34.574
3Jenson Button111:34.588
4Sebastian Vettel161:34.756
5Rubens Barrichello251:34.901
6Lewis Hamilton131:34.915
7Felipe Massa411:35.065
8Mark Webber501:35.165
9Sébastien Bourdais301:35.410
10Nelsinho Piquet371:35.441
11Kimi Räikkönen421:35.498
12Heikki Kovalainen541:35.520
13Robert Kubica501:35.706
14Fernando Alonso291:35.722
15Nico Rosberg371:35.816
16Nick Heidfeld521:35.924
17Kazuki Nakajima391:36.153
18Adrian Sutil281:36.219
19Giancarlo Fisichella91:36.376
20Sébastien Buemi381:36.473
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Spain

1Rubens Barrichello281:22.762
2Jenson Button171:22.899
3Felipe Massa141:23.089
4Sebastian Vettel411:23.090
5Mark Webber181:23.112
6Fernando Alonso141:23.420
7Nico Rosberg241:23.621
8Giancarlo Fisichella631:23.796
9Lewis Hamilton291:23.839
10Nick Heidfeld291:23.878
11Robert Kubica261:24.078
12Timo Glock441:24.134
13Kazuki Nakajima381:24.155
14Nelsinho Piquet411:24.286
15Kimi Räikkönen161:24.490
16Heikki Kovalainen61:28.719
17Jarno Trulli--
18Sébastien Bourdais--
19Sébastien Buemi--
20Adrian Sutil--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Monaco

1Felipe Massa501:15.154
2Jenson Button491:15.190
3Mark Webber451:15.321
4Fernando Alonso641:15.371
5Kimi Räikkönen471:15.382
6Heikki Kovalainen481:15.672
7Rubens Barrichello461:15.685
8Lewis Hamilton651:15.706
9Nico Rosberg481:15.772
10Kazuki Nakajima731:15.792
11Jarno Trulli571:16.011
12Timo Glock721:16.066
13Sébastien Bourdais471:16.178
14Adrian Sutil661:16.245
15Nick Heidfeld491:16.268
16Giancarlo Fisichella741:16.419
17Robert Kubica251:17.558
18Sebastian Vettel151:17.634
19Nelsinho Piquet71:18.514
20Sébastien Buemi71:18.582
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Turkey

1Jenson Button401:27.579
2Sebastian Vettel511:27.622
3Mark Webber421:27.809
4Jarno Trulli401:27.868
5Timo Glock561:27.883
6Kazuki Nakajima581:27.988
7Robert Kubica581:28.008
8Kimi Räikkönen581:28.061
9Felipe Massa411:28.176
10Nick Heidfeld431:28.214
11Nico Rosberg361:28.222
12Nelsinho Piquet451:28.340
13Fernando Alonso571:28.389
14Rubens Barrichello371:28.526
15Lewis Hamilton531:28.562
16Sébastien Buemi571:28.624
17Sébastien Bourdais531:29.022
18Heikki Kovalainen411:29.174
19Adrian Sutil551:29.192
20Giancarlo Fisichella31:34.070
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Great Britain

Great Britain
1Sebastian Vettel161:20.735
2Mark Webber571:20.915
3Nico Rosberg171:21.054
4Jenson Button541:21.189
5Rubens Barrichello181:21.429
6Felipe Massa221:21.509
7Kimi Räikkönen141:21.656
8Timo Glock511:21.671
9Jarno Trulli171:21.806
10Giancarlo Fisichella201:21.810
11Kazuki Nakajima141:21.845
12Fernando Alonso361:21.852
13Nick Heidfeld591:21.956
14Robert Kubica411:22.182
15Heikki Kovalainen321:22.418
16Sébastien Bourdais261:22.466
17Nelsinho Piquet251:22.505
18Lewis Hamilton241:22.576
19Sébastien Buemi241:22.711
20Adrian Sutil501:23.475
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Germany

1Fernando Alonso491:33.365
2Jarno Trulli521:33.654
3Mark Webber371:34.003
4Sebastian Vettel421:34.089
5Kazuki Nakajima491:34.238
6Jenson Button531:34.252
7Nico Rosberg501:34.403
8Felipe Massa531:34.458
9Robert Kubica471:34.537
10Nick Heidfeld421:34.559
11Rubens Barrichello541:34.676
12Nelsinho Piquet461:34.876
13Giancarlo Fisichella541:35.301
14Adrian Sutil431:35.366
15Lewis Hamilton461:35.367
16Timo Glock401:35.369
17Heikki Kovalainen591:35.524
18Kimi Räikkönen41:36.080
19Sébastien Buemi241:36.279
20Sébastien Bourdais101:37.498
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Hungary

1Mark Webber651:21.931
2Kimi Räikkönen701:22.434
3Nico Rosberg651:22.468
4Lewis Hamilton161:22.479
5Timo Glock631:22.506
6Jenson Button571:22.706
7Sébastien Buemi691:22.955
8Heikki Kovalainen631:22.958
9Rubens Barrichello551:23.024
10Giancarlo Fisichella401:23.174
11Kazuki Nakajima551:23.180
12Robert Kubica651:23.224
13Jarno Trulli651:23.261
14Nick Heidfeld651:23.282
15Nelsinho Piquet651:23.418
16Jaime Alguersuari691:23.444
17Sebastian Vettel181:23.457
18Fernando Alonso41:23.529
19Adrian Sutil--
20Felipe Massa--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Europe

1Timo Glock551:38.683
2Jenson Button461:38.874
3Rubens Barrichello391:38.990
4Lewis Hamilton571:39.056
5Kimi Räikkönen391:39.207
6Nico Rosberg521:39.329
7Heikki Kovalainen561:39.341
8Robert Kubica551:39.374
9Romain Grosjean411:39.428
10Fernando Alonso461:39.494
11Mark Webber501:39.528
12Adrian Sutil361:39.622
13Nick Heidfeld531:39.704
14Kazuki Nakajima531:39.747
15Jarno Trulli521:39.941
16Sebastian Vettel131:39.992
17Giancarlo Fisichella531:40.111
18Luca Badoer521:40.590
19Jaime Alguersuari291:40.935
20Sébastien Buemi371:41.042
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Belgium

1Sebastian Vettel381:47.263
2Nick Heidfeld351:47.371
3Robert Kubica411:47.664
4Kimi Räikkönen421:47.674
5Timo Glock401:47.736
6Giancarlo Fisichella431:47.737
7Sébastien Buemi421:47.763
8Nico Rosberg411:47.766
9Mark Webber391:47.783
10Adrian Sutil421:47.859
11Kazuki Nakajima421:48.205
12Rubens Barrichello371:48.257
13Heikki Kovalainen241:48.348
14Fernando Alonso231:48.634
15Luca Badoer411:49.803
16Jarno Trulli161:50.029
17Lewis Hamilton--
18Romain Grosjean--
19Jaime Alguersuari--
20Jenson Button--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Italy

1Adrian Sutil361:24.739
2Kimi Räikkönen361:24.761
3Lewis Hamilton521:24.802
4Jenson Button461:24.935
5Rubens Barrichello481:24.967
6Heikki Kovalainen511:25.109
7Sebastian Vettel501:25.194
8Fernando Alonso501:25.199
9Nick Heidfeld301:25.488
10Giancarlo Fisichella281:25.498
11Sébastien Buemi501:25.564
12Romain Grosjean511:25.609
13Jarno Trulli491:25.700
14Timo Glock501:25.751
15Nico Rosberg501:25.901
16Kazuki Nakajima511:25.976
17Vitantonio Liuzzi221:26.041
18Robert Kubica121:27.819
19Jaime Alguersuari171:27.846
20Mark Webber--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Singapore

1Fernando Alonso531:48.240
2Lewis Hamilton361:48.345
3Nico Rosberg91:48.352
4Jenson Button541:48.369
5Kimi Räikkönen541:48.391
6Timo Glock341:48.396
7Sebastian Vettel101:48.398
8Rubens Barrichello501:48.598
9Jarno Trulli541:48.816
10Robert Kubica441:48.847
11Heikki Kovalainen361:49.283
12Mark Webber351:49.319
13Kazuki Nakajima451:49.371
14Giancarlo Fisichella491:49.417
15Vitantonio Liuzzi481:49.852
16Sébastien Buemi171:50.636
17Nick Heidfeld181:51.346
18Jaime Alguersuari321:52.483
19Adrian Sutil151:52.623
20Romain Grosjean21:57.192
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Japan

1Mark Webber501:32.569
2Sebastian Vettel431:32.572
3Kimi Räikkönen331:32.999
4Jarno Trulli381:33.152
5Jenson Button421:33.251
6Lewis Hamilton131:33.259
7Robert Kubica441:33.334
8Giancarlo Fisichella331:33.479
9Nico Rosberg431:33.595
10Nick Heidfeld131:33.600
11Adrian Sutil361:33.668
12Heikki Kovalainen351:33.801
13Rubens Barrichello171:33.910
14Fernando Alonso281:33.946
15Jaime Alguersuari341:34.049
16Vitantonio Liuzzi361:34.294
17Romain Grosjean391:34.643
18Kazuki Nakajima261:34.783
19Sébastien Buemi51:35.392
20Timo Glock--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Brazil

1Mark Webber251:13.733
2Sebastian Vettel591:13.890
3Rubens Barrichello201:13.950
4Robert Kubica381:14.155
5Heikki Kovalainen681:14.303
6Lewis Hamilton591:14.345
7Jenson Button461:14.353
8Nico Rosberg161:14.370
9Kimi Räikkönen471:14.558
10Sébastien Buemi581:14.563
11Kamui Kobayashi711:14.676
12Romain Grosjean541:14.789
13Jaime Alguersuari591:14.861
14Giancarlo Fisichella551:14.931
15Nick Heidfeld191:14.988
16Vitantonio Liuzzi431:14.990
17Kazuki Nakajima211:15.073
18Adrian Sutil--
19Jarno Trulli--
20Fernando Alonso--
F1 2009 Fastest Laps - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi
1Sebastian Vettel541:40.279
2Sébastien Buemi551:40.326
3Lewis Hamilton161:40.367
4Rubens Barrichello541:40.449
5Mark Webber141:40.571
6Jenson Button491:40.642
7Nick Heidfeld541:40.672
8Jarno Trulli491:40.723
9Kazuki Nakajima541:40.754
10Fernando Alonso541:40.757
11Kamui Kobayashi551:40.779
12Kimi Räikkönen541:40.843
13Adrian Sutil341:40.904
14Robert Kubica541:40.924
15Nico Rosberg491:40.997
16Giancarlo Fisichella541:41.132
17Vitantonio Liuzzi541:41.277
18Heikki Kovalainen531:41.316
19Romain Grosjean471:42.274
20Jaime Alguersuari161:43.318
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