Technical Exhaust solutions.Legal or not.


Sidecar racers have the biggest cojones
Well worth a read this article from F1 Fanatic.I can hear the protests being rehearsed already.
The FIA has introduced a raft of new rules aimed at curtailing the use of exhaust-blown diffusers.
Despite this, evidence from the first two tests suggests teams are using exhaust gases for aerodynamic benefit.
McLaren have come up with one of the more interesting solutions addressing the new restrictions on exhausts for 2012. John Beamer takes a look at what they’ve come up with for the MP4-27.
All current solutions have already been passed as legal by the FIA, whilst teams and the FIA have also confirmed that some planned solutions were halted by the FIA who said they would likely be illegal before they went onto the track. I cannot see a team bringing an illegal solution onto their car in the third test, but you never know. McLaren are going to go for something quite aggressive. This could become border-line although in my opinion if it fits within the parameters specified in the regulations then it is legal. This whole fluffy concept of "must not have a primary aerodynamic purpose" is impossible to implement in a fair and logical way and so it should hopefully be ignored. There are rumours, that @ScarbsF1 mentioned to me saying we should be looking out for McLaren's rear wing / DRS at the last test as they are going for something innovative in this area. This could be blowing exhaust gasses onto the upper plane, which would be very extreme, or it could be to do with their flap design. Red Bull are also supposedly coming along with a fancy exhaust design that will push the boundaries. In my mind, these new designs and ideas should be applauded, not looked at under scrutiny when they actually conform to the rule book. It is kind of obvious that everyone's solution has a primary purpose of enhancing aerodynamics. The only other thing an exhaust does is outlet exhaust fumes from the engine.
Apply that same Coandă effect (as illustrated in the linked CFD images) to the RB8's design and it produces an exhaust gas flow something like this:


If the MP24-7's exhaust is bending the rules, the RB8's has the TR pleading we kill it and end its misery.
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