Eric Broadley RIP


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
Eric Broadley, creator of the legendary line of Lola cars, and a leading figure in the creation of the Ford GT has died.

While his cars were usually outclassed in the Can Am by the McLarens, they played a huge part in popularizing sports car racing during the "Golden Age" of the late 60s thru the 70s.

RIP, Eric.

I have always thought that the T70 was one of the most beautiful cars ever designed.

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Lola also had huge success in Indycar racing, and were involved in many different F1 projects, some in their own name, like the Bowmaker Racing team with which John Surtees had success, and often supporting another manufacturer, as in the case of the 1967 'Hondola' that won at Monza.

An enormous legacy of achievement and in pioneering customer racing programmes, and by all accounts a lovely man too. RIP.
He gave it a good go didn't he? 88 years old. Thanks for some beautiful cars Eric (the T70 Siffert Fan mentioned) and some not quite so (I won't mention the Mastercard Lola).

I don't think the Mastercard Lola is as ugly as the T260. I won't sully this page by posting a picture of it.
I was lucky enough to get "up close an personal" with a T70 when my youngest was working for a classic race team. The cars were so simple but so effective. If any of you have seen Le Mans with Steve McQueen you will remember the scene where his car crashes. This was actually a T70 (the one my son worked on) dressed up to look like a Porsche 917. In the slow-mo you can see the number of the original car under the Porsche bodywork.

They also ran a T210 which seemed to be little more than a go-kart with 2 litre engine :o
I had the pleasure of racing in a friends' T330 on two occasions and it was an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, even having such a fantastic, proven race- and series-winning car couldn't make up for my lack of driving talent.
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