RIP Carrol Shelby


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
Sad news today with the passing of the legendary Carroll Shelby, creator of the famous Cobras, still one of the best-looking cars in history. He played a pivotal role flying America's colours in international racing with the Cobras, Cobra Daytona coupes, and Ford GT40s.

Rest in Peace, Carroll. You'll never be forgotten. Shelby was 89.
Sad news indeed but he had a good innings and his legacy and legend will live on. A great man. Condolences to his family and all who knew him. R.I.P.
Such a great loss to motorsport. I have been fortunate enough to get to drive some of his road cars and they take the feeling of driving American muscle to a whole new level (am in the US next month and am lucky enough to have a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 while we are out there). The thing is, you could tell a Shelby designed or built car from all others just by driving it, the man had a genius that wil be sorely missed.

Hopefully the Shelby badge will live on and those who have worked with him will keep the standards of design and build which he always pushed for...
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