Engine status in Fuji


Somewhat related.........
Am I right in thinking that LH will be tackling Fuji with the same engine as Singapore?
Therefore do we think that with a 20 second straight at full throttle will have any impact on the race?

Obviously his engine won't be in peak status and that's quite a run at full pace and if he has lost a few horses and performance, I think Ferrari will have some good chances to romp away......
It's a good point you raise.
There seems to be general agreement that engines are a few percent down in power when on their second race cycle, but I have no idea what the actual figures are and what the impact is on general race performance.

The slight reduction in power could make it more difficult to overtake on the long straight.

The current engine stat's for each driver are here: http://www.f1wolf.com/2008/03/2008-form ... stics.html

LH is indeed on an old engine, with KR and FM being on new engines.
However, Lewis hasn't yet used his joker so he may well do so for this race.
I dunno, McLaren did wipe the floor with Ferrari last year. Or at the very least Lewis finished almost a minute before Massa. When you take into account Ferrari being the better car this year, Massa performing mildly better this season, and as you mentioned the new engine, things will definitely be a lot closer, but hopefully it will rain and Massa can do his usual impression of swan lake down the main straight. LOL
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