Drivers' middle names (but not really)


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Something which just popped into my head after reading G's last post in the Bruno Senna thread; middle names/phrases for drivers.

Bruno "I've got a famous uncle you know" Senna
Lewis "frickin' unbelievable!" Hamilton
Jenson "I've got no grip" Button

Any more you can think of?

(Hmmm, maybe it was funnier in my head :D)
"For Sure" Felipe "For Sure" Massa "For Sure"
Sebastian "Thats What I'm Talking About" Vettel
Kimi "I haven't got a middle name, my dad was having a :censored:" Raikkonen
Vitaly "Vladimir Putin" Petrov
Pastor "brought to you by PDVSA" Maldonado
Rubens "blah blah" Blahichello
Jarno "14% ABV" Trulli
Fernando "Is Faster Than You" Alonso
Mark "The Mad" Webber

What we need in F1 is Darts-style nicknames...
Pleas note. I make no apology if one suffers a case of Deja vu if you've followed Rootersport so what the heck 99 point something percent of Clip members and visitors haven't so ...
David "Cuddles Cool-to-Hard" Coulthard
Michael "Spacemaker" Shoemacher
Damon "The Demon" Hill
Lewis "Shovemassa" Hamilton and Felipe "Messuphisrace" Massa
Fernando "Notatallslow" Alonso
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