Drivers' Career Points under different systems


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I'm calling someone who scored 0 points in the 1991- system a bad 0er (I hope you can see why). So Gutierrez still a bad 0er. Vettel was running at an average better than 3rd place in the 1991- system!
Stats stats stats and more stats .... I have attached a spreadsheet ... up to the end of Monaco 2014 ... points under my favourite system ... 1981 to 1984 ... 964321 all results counted ...

I have ranked by points / presences and also points / race finishes (i.e. when you were ranked as a placed finisher) ... I have filtered the file by column K - Active drivers only ... if you uncheck the little hourglass looking thing (or ragmans trumpet...) and select "remove filter from active" you will see all drivers graded out under "Avg Pts per Race Finish - Rank" ... which gives us some perspective on where the current crop of drivers we have fits in ... :whistle:

81-84 Points system current crop.JPG


  • 81-84 Points system.xls
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EDIT ... poor old Fernando lost all of his 2nd places in the file ... pennance for driving for Briatore p'haps :p ... file corrected


  • 81-84 Points system R1.xls
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