Dream driver line-ups for 2013?


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This should only include drivers that are current in motorsport and F1 and is only about 2013.

Here's mine:

Red Bull:
Seb Vettel + Kamui Kobayashi

Lewis Hamilton + Jenson Button

Fernando Alonso + Sergio Perez

Nico Rosberg + Paul Di Resta

Robert Kubica + Romain Grosjean

Felipe Massa + Vitlay Petrov

Toro Rosso:
Jaime Alguersuari + Daniel Riccardio

Seb Buemi + Sam Bird

Force India:
Nico Hulkenberg + Adrian Sutil

Heikki Kovalainen + Karun Chandhok

Timo Glock + Bruno Senna

Mark Webber + Michael Schumacher LOL.
No but any up and coming youngster that fancies the job at HRT.

Anyways what would be your dream line up?
I would like Rosberg at McLaren, Ferrari or Red Bull. Same with Kubica if fit... I would like some genuine competition within those teams, but we know we are not going to get it :(

I don't want to see JB and Lewis continue beyond next year either. Three years is enough for any team mate partnership in my view. I don't know about Perez, perhaps a candidate for Ferrari, but would prefer to see him at prove himself first.
Tell you what, id like to see Vettel partner Schumacher at Mercedes. If he wants to become an all time great he cant only stay with the best team, he needs to move to a slower team and build them up, like Schumacher did at Ferrari, and Merc are slow enough but have potential. The partnership with Schumacher would be great too, talk about a German dream team!
If Vettel wants to be an all time great then he should have no problem either partnering Alonso at Ferrari or Hamilton / Button at Red Bull

He's had to defend accusations that he was favoured son at Red Bull after the SIlverstone radio call this season
As much as i think the German public would like to see a Vettel/Schumacher partnership, i just can't see it happen myself. Vettel is really comfortable at Red Bull and why on earth would he leave a team where he's winning almost week in week out?
I think that the Mercedes pairing is totally wrong. M. Schumacher will be there still chasing for a podium, to help him he will bring back R. Schumacher. :)
Dream lineups...

Ferrari: Alonso & Vettel
Red Bull: Hamilton & Kubica
McLaren: Button & Rosberg
Mercedes: Di Resta & Perez
Renault: Kovaleinen & Kobayashi
Sauber: Sutil & Buemi
Force India: Algersuari & Petrov
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo & Grosjean
Williams: Senna & Bird
Lotus: Barrichello & Schumacher
Virgin: Maldonado & Dambrosio
HRT: two pay drivers
I can honestly see Lewis not being in a McLaren in 2013, especially if his form continues as it is
Really? I don't think there'll be any other decent option other than McLaren for him since Ferrari and Red Bull have a clear Number 1 driver in their teams and I don't really see the likes of Mercedes or Renault making a big enough step forward to compete with McLaren.

Anyway, here are my Dream lineups (apart from HRT I don't realistically see a single of these pairings ever happening!):

Ferrari: Hamilton & Hulkenberg
Red Bull: Vettel & Alonso
Mclaren: Button & Di Resta
Mercedes: Senna & Rosberg
Renault: Kubica & Kobayashi
Sauber: Perez & Massa
Williams: Alguersuari & Petrov
Force India: Sutil & Glock
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo & Valsecchi
Lotus: Kovalainen & Bianchi
Virgin: Marco Andretti & Buemi
HRT: Schumacher & Barrichello
Buemi to Red Bull...

Here's mine:

Red Bull:
Seb Vettel + Seb Buemi
Lewis Hamilton + Jenson Button
Fernando Alonso + Nico Rosberg/Kimi Raikkonen
Michael Schumacher + Paul Di Resta
Robert Kubica + Felipe Massa
Kamui Kobayashi+ Vitlay Petrov
Toro Rosso:
Jaime Alguersuari + Daniel Riccardio
Mark Webber + Nick Heidfeld
Force India:
Nico Hulkenberg + Adrian Sutil
Heikki Kovalainen + Karun Chandhok
Timo Glock + Bruno Senna
No one

EDIT: Just noticed I don't have Sergio Perez anywhere :thinking place him at HRT perhaps? :D
I don't think Mclaren will let Lewis leave without a fight considering how much they've invested in him over the years I just think Jenson is doing a better job than Lewis at the moment but i do think that Lewis needs this winter to come and quickly.
Interesting that McLaren is starting to be perceived as "Button's Team"...;)
Button may driving well, but I don't think it's 'his' team. With the form Button's in I think he believes he can win another world title so he'll go for the most competitive car on the grid where he won't be a number 2 driver which pretty much limits his options to McLaren unless a team can do another 'Brawn'. Whereas Hamilton's ability means that all the competitve teams would consider signing him as a Number 1 or equal driver and personally I'd love to see him winning in a Ferrari.
This may be a little tongue-in-cheek, so bear with me:

Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel​
"There's so much I haven't achieved. Next year I'll win every race!"​
Daniel Ricciardo​
"The Australian whipping boy is a great tradition at Red Bull!"​
Jenson Button​
"Remember when you wrote me off in the winter of 2008? Look at me now"​
Nico Rosberg​
"McLaren have a great history of building good cars, third time lucky?"​
Fernando Alonso​
"I'm happy here, and now Flavio is the team principal I'm even happier!"​
Sergio Perez​
"He may be faster than me, but I've got lots of fresh tyres!"​
Lewis Hamilton​
"I need a new challenge, and they haven't got a problem with the stewards!"​
Adrian Sutil​
"I'm German, reasonably fast and utterly submissive to Lewis"​
Team Lotus
Robert Kubica​
"I'm fit and raring to go. And Ferrari have already signed Perez"​
Romain Grosjean​
"Eric says he wants a Frenchman, dunno why, we're not Renault any more."​
Felipe Massa​
"Rubens says they are a good drive for a recovering Paulista Ferrari #2"​
Sebastien Buemi​
"It is great to be with a team with such history, since Red Bull let me go!"​
Force India
Nico Hulkenburg​
"This is still, sadly, the best I can do!"​
Paul di Resta​
"Turns out winning DTM is not like winning GP2"​
Kamui Kobayashi​
"I've just realised, I'm an exciting Nick Heidfeld!"​
Jules Bianchi​
"If I sit tight here, I'll get a Ferrari drive."​
Campsa Toro Rosso
Jaime Alguersuari​
"Technically, I'm still a young driver! Also, I'm Spanish!"​
Jean-Eric Vergne​
"Someday, I'll be overlooked for Seb's wingman seat!"​
Heikki Kovalainen​
"We will have that second, someday! Mike promised me!"​
Mark Webber​
"Of course I've not come here for a last pay deal before retirement!"​
Maruissa Putin
Vitaly Petrov​
"President give Vitaly job!"​
Jerome d'Ambrosio​
"I'm still better than Lucas di Grassi!"​
Hispania Racing Team
Vitantonio Liuzzi​
"Even I've forgotten that I'm here these days!"​
Dani Clos​
"HRT wanted a Spanish driver, and I fulfill that criteria!"​
Barwa Addax F1
Sam Bird​
"Its exciting to move into F1 even if the car is only competing with HRT!"​
Bruno Senna​
"It is a great chance for me to achieve what I could not at HRT!"​
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel + Daniel Ricciardo

Mclaren: Jenson Button + Lewis Hamilton

Ferrari: Fernando Alonso + Sergio Perez

Mercedes: Nico Rosberg + Nico Hulkenberg

Renault/Lotus: Vitaly Petrov + Robert Kubica

Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi + Jules Bianchi

Force India: Paul di Resta + Sebastian Buemi

Williams: Adrian Sutil + Felipe Massa

Toro Rosso: Jaime Alguersuari + Jean-Eric Vergne

Team CaterhamLotus: Heikki Kovalainen + Romain Grosjean

Marrusia Virgin Racing: Timo Glock + Sam Bird

HRT: I can't put these in a "dream" line-up, it's more of a nightmare.
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