Darren Heath on TWiT Live

Don't know if many of you got to watch this but there were some interesting technical discussions on the mechanics of F1 photography and the equipment Darren uses. He's a Canon man and his main lens for action shots is a 600mm prime lens, he never uses zooms, supplemented by a 2x converter. To support the lens (it's a 600mm F4 so a fair chunk of glass) he uses a mono-pod to aid with panning and to get the wonderful blurred background/pin sharp car shots he uses a shutter speed of 1/20th sec at either iso 100 or 200 film speed (digital of course) and sometimes as slow as 1/8th sec :o

He only shoots raw images and then plays with them on the computer to create the effects he wants using similar techniques to those learned in a dark room printing black & white images. If he had to choose just one lens it would be a 50mm F1.2, no zooms, ever, as it makes you lazy when composing an image. Final thing, never forget the "rule of 3rds" when composing a shot.

It appears Mclaren have forgiven him for taking the picture of their 3rd pedal all those years ago as he is their official photographer and they ship most of his gear around the world.

If anything else comes back to me I'll pass it on.
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