Danish Grand Prix


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Sizzle, sizzle, it's bacon time. Okay, so there's more the Denmark than bacon, there's that mermaid in the harbour that keeps getting stolen and melted down. But now, with one of the "greatest drivers" ever to grace the sport running round in a mid-field Haas the Danes want to run a street race around Copenhagen going over bridges and with an underpass. Here's the map.


And here's the article: Copenhagen street circuit plan for 2020 Danish Grand Prix revealed - F1 Fanatic
this is a bit weird mainly because Scandinavia along with Africa is not really a place F1 hasn't really ever visited & will magnussen still be in f1 by then. also if we were going to Scandinavia. surely it would be Finland

i saw their 1st draft at a circuit. but they worried about the tyre loading in the 1 big corner

Libya, Morrocco.

Not so much in recent times though, Kyalami was last used in the early 90's I believe, Anderstorp in the 80's. Certainly not considered an F1 heartland!
Anderstorp and Kyalami?

true thats why i said never really ever visited. because compare Scandinavia & Africa to
other Continents with multiple races going back decades. but only 5 swedish gps that was 40yrs ago & i think weve only had 5 south African gps in last 35yrs
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