Could Schuey cut it in WSB


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Rumours abound on TV yesterday that on the back of a few bike races in the German Championship this season Honda would be open to offering Michael Schumacher a seat in their World Superbike Team for next season. (Source Ceefax). Now I'm sure that it's a good bit of PR for Honda and nothing will come of it but the question is if Schuey did then would he cut the mustard ??

Also if and it's a huge IF Schuey did win the WSB title would that be the same as John Surtees's win or would Schuey have to win in Moto GP for it to count.

I open the floor......


Maybe when he was still racing competitively and a bit younger then he might have been able to make the switch.

However, now that he's been out of it for a while and is reaching the age where most drivers start to slow down due to reaction times, etc. then I doubt he will be able to make much of an impression.

It will be interesting however to see his times if he does any testing with them.
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