Could Alonso and Vettel actually co-exist at Ferrari?


I prefer Brundles version of the comment by Ferrari Vettel is in contract negotiations and by suggesting he could fit in at Ferrari then it could possibly make Red Bull have to pay more to keep him, and the more they pay for the driver the less they have to spend on the car, so it is nothing more than a move in the F1 game of chess, a distraction if you will...

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I think that money on drivers comes outside the RRA, and money does not seem to be something that Red Bull are short of, so I am not sure that is the reasoning. It would not surprise me if it was some kind of unsettling mind game, but hey, thats formula 1.


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No-one seems to have addressed the question as to why Vettel would want to go to Ferrari - it's not exactly the bee's knees at the moment (although getting better). Whereas RB is still cutting the mustard, although not quite as decisively as last season.

I absolutely agree Jen. If we are looking at a drivers choices when they consider the competitive nature of teams above all else, then of course, they should want to be at RBR, or where ever Newey is.

Saying this, I imagine that Vettel has always wanted to drive for Ferrari. Also he probably thinks the reason he has won two championships is as much down to him than the team. This is not trying to slander the man, I am sure all of the best drivers believe this.

If this is his opinion, then moving to Ferrari would seem like less of an illogical decision.

This could all of course be here say, if not however, i imagine the above comments have some truth

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Jen, perhaps there is a clue in your own post; Ferrari are getting better, Red Bull are perhaps slipping a little. It's all about timing and wanting to be in the best car available. Who's to say where the momentum will be in two or three years time? Perhaps Vettel might wonder if Red Bull's star is about to wane while Ferrari's rises, and it would soon be a good time to switch.

On the other hand of course, it all might be the negotiating stance that Martin Brundle thinks it is, as posted by @Mehistopheles.


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I should remind everyone it was Luca Di Montezemolo who told Michael Schumacher back in Sep 2005 that he wanted to sign Kimi Raikkonen and it will be on equal terms with a view that Schumacher would retire and pass the mantle to Raikkonen

Ferrari had a pre written contract with Raikkonen before 2006 season started when it was known then Alonso would join Mclaren for 2007

When Raikkonen was not what Luca thought he made it his mission to get Alonso..and only last year he was talking about Vettel driving for Ferrari only to be given a hands off by Red Bull

Now for Vettel he's young and driving for Ferrari is always nice to have on a cv plus he wants to emulate Schumacher and win championship with Ferrari

Also there are people who question whether Vettel is really as classy as Alonso and Hamilton or is it down to the Red Bull car...remember Alonso saying "Hamilton is one of few drivers to win when the car is not the best" reference to Vettel

So Vettel like Button needs to prove he is amongst the best and it is not only the car...there is some accusation that he is the favoured son at Red Bull

so Luca ultimately will make that decision if he wants the dream team but he might change his mind after Alonso's win yesterday

One other thing to note Luca is now calling for cost control ... which I find hard to believe but being Italian and with Spanish backers two of Europe's economy in poor state then I am not sure if Ferrari have buckets of money like they use to throw

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Ferrari don't have the engine for the new formula, it is not something that they think is likely to go in one of their other cars. So they throw in the expense card in the hope of derailing it.
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