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Should Mario Andretti be in the Clip the Apex hall of Fame?

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Do we need a Clip the Apex Hall of Fame?

If we do I'll kick you off with Mario Andretti and open a poll to see if you think he should be inducted into the "CTA Hall of Fame". There can be few drivers who have had such a lengthy career and won races and title in virtually ever formula they have entered. A brief summary of Mario's achievements:

F1 world Champion 1978 - 12 wins in total and a career spanning 3 decades
Indy Car Champion in 1965, 66, 69 and 84.
He has won the Indy 500 and and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb
He won the Daytona 500, was a class winner at Le Man (his best overall result being 2nd in 1995) and won several other long distance sports car races

F1 drivers today can't or won't drive in other race series so I suppose it is a bit unfair to suggest they couldn't achieve what Mario has but even if you compare him to his peer group there are few who can match his all round record.
Interesting idea. I think it's worthy of it's own space on the site to be honest. (up to Bro of course)

How would it work. For example, How often would we vote someone in and on what grounds?

Of course I've voted yes to Super Mario being included. Not many F1 drivers take a pole on the debut. According to it Mario took the setup of an F1 car to new levels when he worked with Lotus in the mid 70's by importing a lot of his knowledge from racing in the US to F1. Ideas such as the adjustment of toe angles, wheel stagger and adjusted tyre pressures hadn't really been done before. Also not many drivers have managed to conduct succesful careers in both F1 and in US racing.

A deserving inductee in my opinion.
cider_and_toast said:
Interesting idea. I think it's worthy of it's own space on the site to be honest. (up to Bro of course)
What did you have in mind c_a_t?

We're working on the next incarnation of the site so could incorporate it then.
Well, how about limiting the nomination to 1 per month. And the person putting the guy forward writes a short biog (sort of wiki style) in a Hall of Fame section of the site.

I.E. Mario is the first inductee so FB could write a short Biog of Mario with a pic. Coupled with the database it would act as a sort of easy reference guide.

That way the HAll of fame has a purpose. We've had several votes in the past for best car, driver, most influential etc this would compile some of those results in one area. Personally I would lock each biog page and just let it stand as who's who of F1 greats as selected by CTA members.

As a hall of fame it should be (in our very own small way) a special selection to get in rather than a mass poll and a selection of the great and the good all at once.

Just my thoughts any way.
I agree that it sounds like a great idea, particularly with the additions proposed by CaT. I also agree that Mario is a terrific first choice. Not only did he sit on pole for his first GP, he won the pole for his next-to-last one as well (at Monza, in a Ferrari- his first time in the car). One of the greatest all-rounders in history.
Just to bring back some happy memories this is Mario in the Ferrari 126C2 - his first time in the car and his first time in an F1 turbo car at the ripe old age of 42.

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