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Whilst doing some internet rummaging research for the French GP and street circuits thread I found this little gem of a site

Circuits of the past - A look at some of the old circuits and some nice pictures.

Libyan grand prix anyone?

My favourite circuit of the past is Monjiuc park/Adelaide. I wish F1 could go back there - maybe not Monjuic (safety) but maybe Adelaide, after Melbourne gives up on its F1 contract (which it will inevitably will)
I have an occasional glance through the annals of history, and I am surprised at the amount of circuits that have been and gone.

Bremgarten in Switzerland. Can you imagine holding a swiss GP these days? or Avus in Germany, a little mental, but it is still mostly there, albeit a road now, but it could stand in for Valencia as a european gp, and the whole thing could be a DRS zone!

The old Interlagos circuit was great, as was Clermont Ferrand (which is still there). Spa old circuit looks immense, as does Pescara.

Mont Tremblant too.

Sorry, Im rambling now.
Mosport! ... It's just down the 401 from here (on the way from Toronto to Montreal).

They held the Canadian GP there before Montreal. I've driven on both circuits. Mosport is WAY better! The recent issue of Motor Sport Magazine has an article on it called "The Nurburgring Of North America". :)

Speaking of Nurburgring! It looks quite something on Grand Tourismo 5 on PS3. ;)

There's some more fine ones in Europe: The old Osterreichring! Zandvoort in Holland. The old Imola. Dijon had some interesting and epic French GPs.
Glasgow :D

I remember reading an artilce think it was in 2009 or early 2010 that Glasgow was looking for a street race in F1 for 2014, but judging that it was on Planet F1 and the article was only two paragraphs long I didn't think it was that serious :disappointed:

I would like Argentina to be back, only because I enjoyed playing it on the "F1 Grand Prix II" game on Nintendo 64...back in the day :embarrassed:
Didn't we have a thread about circuits of the past before? I remember Galahad post up Google earth images of the old race tracks. What made me think of this is that there was a purpose built F1 circuit near San Sebastein in Spain which held the European GP in 1926.

Brecon to Llandovery to Builth Wells to Brecon*.
Wales' TT course. If you've got a bike you either know it or you need to.

*Disclaimer..............this is not, never has been, and never will be, a race circuit.
I've tested some tyres at the Michelin home circuit near Clermont-Ferrand. I still remember the crowd when the cars passed at high speed! The crowd was moving in front of the running cars in the last moment! Scary!
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