Cinema or wait for Blue Ray ?


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For the first time I haven't gone and seen a 'big' movie I really fancied (batman) and I was wondering if anyone else feels waiting for blue ray makes more sense than going to the flicks ?

I have been annoyed by the price hike at my local cinema over the last 5 years or so. For 2 adults to see a 3D film in premier seats costs £25.80 before you get ripped off for nachos etc as well. Even the cheap seats at a non 3D film still costs £17.60.

A family of 4 costs £33.20 to see a 3D film.

Most cinema releases go to dvd and blue ray with 4-5 months and typically cost £15 when first released. If the film is a big hit a lot of people buy the dvd / blue ray anyway to see it again.

FYI cinema to sky box office in around 12 months
cinema to sky movie channels 1.5 - 2.5 years
cinema to terrestrial 2.5 - 5 years.

Am I just tight, or do others feel the same ?
We haven't been to the cinema for years.
We installed a large plasma and projector and 7.1 sound system years ago and watch all our movies at home.

It wasn't so much the cost which put us off going (although that was a factor), it was the bloody idiots who spoil the film by talking/shouting/arguing/using the phone/getting in and out of seats/eating the noisiest food product known to man, etc.

The last film we went to see a film, a bunch of youths started abusing other people around them and when they wouldn't quit after I asked them, I had to leave the room and get the management to eject them.
It all depends on the film with me, my ex used to get frustrated at me when I refused to go see comedies and other non action films at the cinema as I prefer to watch them in the comfort of my own home.

When the big action and CGI epic films come out though it is worth making the extra effort to see them in all there full audio and visual glory. Once I have the funds and my own home cinema system is up to standard then I may stop going to the cinema all together unless it's something really special.

3D has been a good gimmick to get people back into the cinema but its at a price!
I'm with Brogan on this one, I can't be dealing with the general public in dark, confined spaces any more, I have an HD projector and it's much nicer.

*Edit, I do still go to the cinema tho, usually on Orange wednesday and usually during the day time.
Brogan not your usual ebullient self there Bro!

Personally, I agree with the cost, although I do enjoy going to see a film with the boys, as we then become those whom are hated by others, with our popcorn and coke, and the constant trips to the toilet!

For me and the missus it is more a case of Sky Box office, at least that way you can watch it eating what you like, pause if you need a pee, and personally, I dont get fined by handing a DVD back a week late to Blockbusters.
I dont get fined by handing a DVD back a week late to Blockbusters.

Neither do I! Get mine through lovefilm but I keep forgetting to send the pesky things back so not getting my money's worth at the moment!
Wait for Blu-Ray, for most of the reasons posted by others above. Especially noisy food/eaters. I actually tremble with rage on that front.
If it's anything really good i'd definately go and see it at the cinema's but if i think yeah i want to see that but don't think it's worth going to the cinema's to see it then i'll wait to see it on Sky movies before buying it on blu ray.
I like how we're all loving the goodness that is HD and not a single person so far has suggested those archaic formats such as Doovde and even Vuhs
I go to the cinema quite regularly and watch quite a few films on Sky, DVD and Blu-Ray. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed in the quality of the projection of the new Batman film, I'm convinced that digital projection is not as crisp as good old celluloid but I wouldn't not go. We have a very small cinema near us which still uses film projectors but the sound isn't quite up to the quality of the big multiplex's.

Brogan, out here in the sticks cinema audiences are quite well behaved (even in Hull). Must be a London thing...
We stopped going long before we moved to London.

The worst place I've ever watched a film in the cinema is Greece - holding conversations by mobile phone during the film is normal there so at any one time about half of the audience are on the phone.
?I have no idea what cinema's some of you have been going too (with the exception of Bro's Greek post) but I can't recall a problem at any screening I've ever been to. I think some films really need the collective experience of a cinema audiance. It's like canned laughter, studies have shown that viewers laugh more at programs with canned laughter than those without. The last film the wife and I managed to watch at the cinema was the Kings Speach. It was a packeed house and all the better for it. I would liken the op's question to going to watch a band live or listening to a live album at home. You have to be there!
I guess I'm used to not going to the cinema as we didn't have one in this backwards little town until 2008.
Whilst looking for something else I found Brogan 's perfect cinema.

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