Chump of the Weekend thread title

Which word should be used?

  • Chump

    Votes: 9 69.2%
  • Disappointment

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Passenger

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Letdown

    Votes: 1 7.7%

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It's an option when creating the poll :)

TBH, we only really started them as a bit of fun, but they're tradition now so we have to keep them going, along with the 'official' discussion thread.


Here be dragons.

Having read my post back I've clearly been brainwashed by all the advertising in and around the referendum

I still think there is some mileage in exploring this option as reading back over the last few day's, we've got a large number of people who struggled to split Vettel, Alonso & Button.

Just a thought.

Ok, let's turn this round into a different scenario.

You have 3 options for your holiday - the basic price is the same - the locations are to stay at home (somewhere in the country where you live), can't guarantee the weather, most things are quite expensive, but there is a lot to do/see regardless; or you can go on a really fancy cruise, free food, free booze and endless entertainment but you don't ever dock so all you see is the ocean or, lastly, you can do a two week tour of an underdeveloped part of the world - endlessly fascinating, cheap, but blighted by all sorts of health and safety (God, did I really mention that!) considerations. If you want to have a holiday, at some point you have to make a decision - all three options have their attractions and their disadvantages - very similar to a driver in any given race.

It doesn't matter what your conclusion is or if others ridicule you for that decision - it does have to be made unless you choose to abstain/not take a holiday

I don't really care what the thread is called - I rarely take offence except on other's behalf - and am just trying to expand the discussion a little. Sorry for the rant!

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Jenov, I'm completley with you all the way, I was just playing devils advocate seeing as nobody was able to come up with a solution.


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"Should have stayed in bed"

I guess everyone can see now why it was so difficult choosing a word to mean the opposite of "driver" of the weekend.


Here be dragons.
To keep it in context, how about Bro's FF1 title - 'missed the apex' or something similar.


Sorry I think I missed the outcome of this but I noticed it is still "chump" so is this the decision forward or are we going to have the pull teeth kind here complaining about impartiality of the term. Really a little light spirit is what is needed in this up tight planet, and well it is a globally accepted term, just let us accept it in the light hearted, humourous manner it was intended.:friends:

No I have had my rant and rave for the week(ban me):spank:


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No decision yet either way.

Driver of the Weekend won't be changing as that is the accepted norm for that.
So we need something to complement that.


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Got no problem with Chump of the weekend, as opposed to Driver of the weekend.

The problem is not the title, it's just that when people come to comment they get all girly and emotional about their fave driver regardless of what a muppet he may have been for the previous three days.

Additionally, few seem to take anything into account other than the race ..... Weekend has to include P1, P2, P3 and Quali1/2/3!!!....... one race error does not a Chump make ...... an anonymous weekend in the best car certainly could.:yawn:

If we get to vote on any title change I hope we get 'Chump' as an option to be retained. :thankyou:


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Just to be clear, it's only the word Chump we're looking at replacing.

The rest of the thread title will remain.
So they will be, for example:
2011 Monaco Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend
2011 Monaco Grand Prix ??? of the Weekend


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I cannot think of a more apt word for chump. It's light hearted non offensive way of saying someone has been a .... well, chump.

I just stuck the word in the thesaurus and the best I could throw up is 'boob'.

I say don't fix what ain't broken. If it's contentious it leads to lively debate that isn't from what I've seen offensive, then someone always throws in a really valid contribution that makes people go "ahhh, yeah I didn't think of that, I want to change my vote!"

Surely the thread is doing what it's designed to do?
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