Christian Horner - Team Principal?

Considering the amount of whining and moaning other teams did about the RB front wing, I find nothing wrong with him returning the favour. There isn't a single team or team principal that I can think of that hasn't indulged in this. To single Horner out seems rather unfair. If a Principal didn't complain about a perceived advantage that another team possesses, it would seem to indicate that he is not interested in winning, and Idoubt that to be the case, even in HRT!
In comparison to the flexing wing, the Merc FWFD ruling seems "clearer".

The FWFD can be seen and anyone can seek clarification saying "When DRS is opened, can it open another slot that channels air somewhere?" If Charlie or whoever says that's fine, then that should be the end of it.

Whereas with the flexi-wing thing, it seemed more like teams say "Hey, look at this photo/video. Their wing is flexing!" And the FIA saying "Well, it passes our tests so it's legal. It does look sketchy, so we'll tighten up the tests. But we can't definitively prove it's happening." So the complaining continues because it hasn't been deemed legal or illegal explicitly.
Also seems Merc are tryin to get there own back looking at the news this morning. Complaining about engine mapping on the red bull.

And to be honest I think the engine mapping on the redbull is against the rules. They are trying to use exhaust gases to blow onto those little flaps at the side of the wheels. Now to me thats completely clear cut against regulation as they are using engine mapping of the exhaust area in order to improve downforce.
Christian made a bit of a wally of himself in the interviews. First contradicting his driver - who had said that he chose the tyre for pace and that it was his own call - by stammering through an off the cuff attempt take credit for a clever split strategy, then realising his error, backtracking and then confirming Vettels words and then stammering further to merge them into a single non-contradictory statement.

We are seeing a Red Bull on the back foot. I think the happiest guy in the Red Bull garage at the moment is Webber. Christian seems very uneasy. This isn't the plain sailing that he or his no.1 driver have become accustomed to over the past two seasons. I'm interested to see how these guys develop personally as they ride across this rough terrain. In my opinion, they are both showing some signs of stress at the moment.
Amen to that.

Still it's nice to add another to my list of popular F1 themes of the 21st century:
  • Ferrari never win with Italians
  • McLaren only win because they cheat
  • Ferrari only win because they cheat
  • Renault only win because they cheat
  • Red Bull only win because they cheat
  • Ron Dennis only liked Hakkinen and Hamilton and systematically undermined all the others
  • Martin Whitmarsh only likes Button and systematically undermines Hamilton
  • Michael Schumacher wasn't actually very good
  • Kimi Raikkonen broke all his cars
  • Fernando Alonso/toys/pram
  • Christian Horner is a puppet

LOL, I Like this comment Galahad :).
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