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Hi all,

You might notice some changes over the coming days and weeks.
This is all in preparation for some upgrades and modifications we'll be making to the site.

Please bear with us during the transition stage.

As part of the changes, I have had to reduce the maximum width of avatars to 80 pixels.
I will be deleting any that are over this width just prior to the changeover so please upload new avatars as soon as possible if yours is wider than 80 pixels.

cider_and_toast said:
Wahooo, Just checked and my Lotus 100T is 80 wide by 100 high.

SAFE !!!!

Think again LOL
It's actually 91 x 68 - the software only checks it when it's being uploaded so that message in the UCP just shows the maximum settings.

Better get it changed soon.... ;)
I've run a script to resize all avatars over 80px wide but it has probably resulted in some less than ideal images so some of you may want to replace them.

Apologies but it was either that or delete them altogether so I took the least worst option.
First the good news.
With a lot of tweaking and fiddling I've managed to increase the maximum width available to avatars to 90 pixels.

The bad news?
You'll have to do them again. Apologies. :D

Trust me, it's all worth it... ;)
Hi Bro - I tried to resize my VW dog avatar - but was useless. Unless you can tell me how to do it, I am now a panther!!
jenov2003 said:
Hi Bro - I tried to resize my VW dog avatar - but was useless. Unless you can tell me how to do it, I am now a panther!!
Hi Jen, if you email it to me or add it as an attachment I'll sort it for you.

After several hours of fiddling and judicious use of negative margins, I have been able to just squeeze out enough width for 100 pixels for the avatar.
So please disregard the previous posts and feel free to re-upload your original images although I have replaced the ones I was familiar with.

I'm going for a lie down...
cos of all your hard work, i decided it was time to change my avatar from a past team to a future team!

what hard work bro, but truly appreciated!
I have made some changes to the posts table in the database in preparation for the upgrade so if you notice any problem please let me know.
I'm pleased to announce that everything is going according to plan and we are in fact slightly ahead of schedule.

All being well we will have everything completed very soon...
The changes are complete :)

All that remains is a spot of tidying and some minor tweaking so all being well we will upload them very soon.
The changes and upgrades have been applied.

Please do a forced refresh of your browser CTRL+F5 to clear out the old cached files.

If you notice any issues please post in this thread.
We'd also like to hear any feedback or comments on the new design, positive or negative.

An overview of the changes are:
Home Page - completely redesigned with snippets of the latest threads, bookmarking, a new home page poll, standings tables and race info'
Gallery - brand new dynamic gallery with categories and thumbnails
Chat - new design and improved useability
Database - new design
Forum - new design and bookmarking for social networking sites
Calendar - new design

All of the sections of the site can be reached from the respective buttons on the navbar.

Also, please note that the forum url has changed to:
Please update your bookmarks.

We hope you like the changes.
I've added a poll to gauge opinion on the new design.

If you have any specific comments, good or bad, we'd love to hear them.
Love it Bro - but one thing - and this is just me!

I really liked being able to see how many new posts since my last visit - partly old age and early onset memory lapses and partly laziness. Perhaps it's still here and I haven't spotted it yet - wouldn't be surprised.
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