Chandhok's Korea move to Red Bull...


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There are various reports that Karun Chandhok will be driving a Red Bull as the first to try out the new Korean track at Yeongam. The event, according to Autosport will occur on September 4.

This raises questions. Red Bull's obvious choice for non-competitive driving (DC) is in DTM action that weekend, but the underworked test team has not been used.

This also seems to rule out Chandhok's return to a HRT race seat for the remainder of the year, although HRT may be paid so Chandhok can make this appearance. Or is it a ploy by HRT to get a driver near enough a Red Bull to work out what Newey has been doing - the RB5 will be better than the HRT!
TBY said:

Red Bull's obvious choice for non-competitive driving (DC)

A bit like the four seasons he spent with them full time then TBY :snigger:

As to Chandhok this could be a good Korea (career, geddit?) move for him. I appreciate he won't be pushing too hard in some demo laps but if he looks half decent it can't do his reputation any harm. Might take some interesting data back to HRT as well.
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