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10 questions to tease and amuse on the occasion of my last ever quiz:

1) After announcing his retirement in 1981 which driver made two comebacks, firstly with Arrows in 1983 and then with Team Haas in 1985?

Alan Jones

2) After Nigel "Chunky Monkey" Mansell left McLaren by 'mutual consent' in 1995 which British driver replaced him for the rest of the season?

Mark Blundell

3) Withdrawing from the final race of the season due to the tragic death of his team mate left Sir Jackie Stewart on how many World Championship starts when he retired from F1?


4) In the 1988 Formula 1 season a McLaren finished first in every single race except one. This was the only race where both cars failed to reach the finish. Which race was it?

The Italian GP

5) Graham Hill retired from racing to concentrate on managing his own team after failing to qualify for which GP?

Of course it had to be Monaco

6) After coming back from retirement in 2010 with Mercedes, in his three years with the team, what was Michael Shucmacher's best finish?

Third at the 2012 European GP

7) Jordan's awful 1993 season ended the careers of 4 F1 drivers. Marco Apicella and Emanuele Naspetti were two of them but who were the other two far more well known drivers?

Ivan Capelli and Thierry Boutsen (half a point for each)

8) In 1994 Berton Gachot and Paul Belmondo failed to qualify or retired from every single race in that season. For which short lived F1 team were they racing?

Pacific Grand Prix

9) In the 2017 season which of the Red Bull teams had the most retirements, Red Bull or Toro Rosso ??

Red Bull by 13 Rets to 12

10) Finally, which former World Champions final season in F1 looked like this:

Ret, Ret, 8th, Ret, Ret, Ret, Ret then retired for good. ??

James Hunt in 1979

Good luck one and all and let me know how you've done.
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Sure Titch.

I don't really enjoy doing it any more. I may have an extended break and do a Lauda style comeback in future years but for now I'll just enjoy doing other peoples.
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