Budget caps....let's talk

If you want to work for Red Bull in the finance team


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from what ive seen this is the teams that have made responses i wont put links to them because it alot of them

Ferrari - Laurent mekies “As for the penalty, we are not happy with it, for two important reasons, 1 - is that we at Ferrari do not understand how the 10% reduction of the ATR can correspond to the same amount of lap time that we mentioned earlier. Furthermore, there is another problem in that. Since there is no cost cap reduction in the penalty, the basic effect is to push the competitor to spend the money elsewhere. It has total freedom to use the money it can no longer spend on use of the wind tunnel and CFD due to the 10% reduction, on reducing the weight of the car, or who knows what else. Our concern is that the combination of these two factors means the real effect of the penalty is very limited.”

mercedes - Toto Wolff - "I think any reduction in wind tunnel time is going to be detrimental. How detrimental is difficult to judge at this stage. "I think in absolute terms, $7m is a lot of money. But maybe in the bigger scheme of things for Red Bull, considering the investment they do on the power unit side and on the team, it's not. think that the sum of the penalties is a deterrent, the sporting penalty, and to a lesser degree, the financial fine. But reputational damage that is happening is probably the biggest thing, and no team will want to come anywhere near that, because obviously, we are living in a transparent and compliant world.

McLaren - Zak Brown “We appreciate the cost-cap investigation is a complex process which the FIA have conducted in a thorough and transparent manner, I’m pleased the truth is out there now and it is the result as we expected – there was a breach of the cost cap by one team, with the other nine operating in line with the rules. It is therefore only right that punitive action is taken. If the FIA is to be most effective and its punishments serve as a lesson to others when rules are broken in this way, the sanctions have to be much stronger in the future. We hope the lessons learned through this process will now mean all teams have a clear understanding of the rules in order to avoid any future breaches. While we are pleased to see them act, we would hope the FIA take stronger action in future against those that wilfully break the rules.”

Andreas seidl

Alpine - Otmar Szafnauer,
here we go again
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According to a report by the Italian branch of Motorsport.com, once the FIA issues certificates of compliance with the 2022 cap, expected to arrive by the end of July, rumours indicate that a trio of teams will be found not to be in compliance.
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i was thinking with the benefit of hindsight, that FIA i would say got the penalty right & wrong at the same time. because if we were talking about mercedes or ferrari "a 10% reduction in their allotted wind tunnel time for the 12-month period" i feel like we would talking about how much it has effected them & its big deterrent. but what theyve got so wrong is that they didnt take into account that they have realistically been given a 10 sec penalty despite being 13 seconds ahead
Just because it’s been denied, doesn’t mean that it’s untrue.
exactly this is what christian horner said in singapore, that was going to sue people for slander & look how that turned out.
In a tense press conference at the Marina Bay circuit, Horner was bullish in defending his team and accusing his rivals of wanting to detract from Verstappen, who holds a 116-point lead, potentially taking his second title in Singapore. He insisted he believes his team were within the budget cap set at $145m last year and adamant he would be willing to take action against the comments from rival teams.

“The FIA has stated that they have not completed their process, so unless there is a clear withdrawal of those statements, we will be taking it extremely seriously,” he said. “We will look at all the options available to us because it is absolutely unacceptable to be making the comments that were made yesterday which are totally defamatory to the team, to the brands, & to F1
Le equipe are reporting its Aston Martin, Mercedes & Red Bull
7 teams seem to have already had agreement from the FIA on their annual reports, but more investigations are needed from the other 3 race teams at the very least.
France's L'Equipe claimed otherwise. They claim Aston Martin and Mercedes are in the 'danger zone'. But: the third team would be Red Bull and not the French Alpine.

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Interesting the centre of attention is what does Marko do given he appears at every race and the argument is part of his salary or all of it should fall within the cost cap
Interesting the centre of attention is what does Marko do given he appears at every race and the argument is part of his salary or all of it should fall within the cost cap
yeah its very interesting because someone salary has to be declared. & id say it has to be the 3 of Horner, Verstappen Newey
So funny if Red Bull break the cost cap again.. obviously the deterrent effe t of the penalty is too low....so do they strip Max of his title?????
F1 in always has been if punishment is worth the crime then what's the deterrent without impacting the drivers championship
They always say the drivers have nothing to do with it and even if they do only Schumacher has been disqualified from a championship but no driver has been stripped of their title
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