Bridgestone's Tired Allocations till Turkey!

You had the answer all along and you buried it back there 13 pages back in the F1 forum. Damn it man! It's like trying to find a pencil eraser in a rubber plantation. :crazy:
Crompton's friend/informant has forgotten or discounted one crucial thing though... :thinking: if you make the tyres that hard you are going to move the balance that much further away from mechanical grip, toward aero. resulting in even greater effects and distances with disturbed air. Without a proportional reduction in aero grip it will just be same old same old... :bored:
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You are absolutely right of course and your mind obviously works a lot quicker than my rather ancient one... But I got there in the end... :tumbleweed:
I prefer to think of it has great minds think alike :D or fools seldom differ :thinking:

I think there's a lot can be done to improve racing without going back on some of the significant regulation changes we've had recently (refuelling ban, tyre usage rules, 8 engines per season, gearboxes, etc). If Bridgestone make a nice, grippy tyre that offers loads of mechanical grip, then we can reduce the corresponding aero. This also has an advantage that the existing cost saving measures can stay in place and we also reduce the huge amounts of money teams spend on aero on the front and rear wings and diffusers.

The downside to all of this is that before, when wings were fairly basic, the differentiator was more on the engine, which as we know is shared across teams and homologated.
fat_jez said:
...If Bridgestone make a nice, grippy tyre that offers loads of mechanical grip, then we can reduce the corresponding aero...

Is this a voluntary reduction, or one enforced by the rules? IMO it has to be a technical rule change (as I've detailed in posts gone by) because history has shown us that the teams won't go against their own instincts voluntarily. Witness all the rules brought in to reduce costs, and yet the teams will just spend the money elsewhere, not to mention Diffusergate.

To my mind there either needs to be a single 'soft' compound that with Button-like sensitivity will last a race, but simultaneously offers the incentive of gaining 30 seconds over 80 miles of use if raced hard, or 2 compounds (currently supersoft and medium), with no requirement to use both.
Yes, I think it would have to be compulsary. I don't think there's necessarily any need to do away with pit stops, but it opens up the option of a driver doing 2 or 3 stops on a really soft tyre or 1-2 stops on a harder one. But can we PLEASE do away with this idea of having to use both compounds?

The overriding principle is that what ever they come up with has to offer as much mechanical grip as the teams can get from aero downforce, or they'll carry on trying to come up with better aero packages.
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