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Hands up who else has stopped watching this god-awful season?

I knew from qualifying yesterday that today was going to be a tedious race so I did the garden instead! this is a sad day for me, never before have I actually deliberately missed an F1 race.

I believe there's 11 races left? how many more does Button need before he is uncatchable.............. a really really poor season it must be said.
Even Bernie said it wasn't very exciting when Brundle caught him on the grid walk and he helped devise these stupid rules. Let the teams test for heavens sake this can't go on!

F1 has ceased to be a sport this season and it allows all those who don't understand motor racing (and some that do) to say "well, it's all about the car isn't it"; it is if the teams don't have a chance to close the performance gap.

F1 2009 - Yawn!
i watched a really interesting interview with max before the race, that actually was a lot more fun then the race. i fell asleep again after a few laps and when i woke up all cars were still in the same position. bar a few DNF's. the first four in corner 1 were the first four across the finish line too. monaco is great, but no place for a race, maybe next year we can draw straws and then let a computer simulate the race?

ah and for those who are interested: max said the fans did not really know all the ins and outs of F1. if there is no cap then even some factory teams will drop out of F1 soon. but, there will be a compromise soon. but he expected some firework first.
I was confused at the statements made by some pundits on qualifying day saying 'you can't have F1 without Monaco'....... really?

It is THE worst track out there for fans, nothing happens what so ever.
I would never go to the extreme of not watching a GP - but have to admit that I catnapped between laps 38 and 58.

I think the reason that Monaco is deemed to be indispensable is because the "beautiful people" rock up in their droves - but not this year apparently. This morning you could have walked in to most hotels and booked a room for 1 night (usually 5 nights as a minimum), moored your yatch where-ever you fancied and bought tickets at a knock down price.

It's the glamour that keeps it going now, not the racing (although the history should be taken into account) - perhaps MM and BE will cotton on to the fact that most fans are not impressed and axe it in favour of a circuit that provides the spectacle. But I doubt it somehow.
apparently the gates were opened and people got in for free, just to fill up the grand stands. nice that, people who paid euro 500 next to people who paid, well, nothing really.
Well at least Monaco never disappoints.

You expect a yawn-fest and that's exactly what you get LOL

Like others I had better things to do, if you can call editing php, css and js "better"....
very true bro, but then all in the name of tradition. maybe time for a new tradition? stamp collecting at monaco! very educational i am told.
I hear all this crap about a test of concentration but so is a staring contest. The only good thing about yesterday's race is that my CtAFL team filled positions 1-6. :thumbsup: Other than that, its just the people who like to party more than race (David Coulthard & Eddie Jordan, anyone...) that think Monaco is the best circuit on the calendar, the rest of us give sparce attention to that rubbish!

As for the rule changes, in the last two seasons the runner-up has been one point behind the Champion. In 2007, the third placed driver was also one point behind the Champion. Can I ask you, why change the rules? Why do it? I'd rather see Ferrari vs McLaren than Brawn vs the phantoms!

I'd also like to say that the OWG have been wasting their time. Why work on making the cars able to overtake when you have circuits like Barcelona and Monte Carlo on the calendar? There aren't two car widths to go on in Monaco, so why allow the cars to follow closer. One man attempted to overtake, he lost two positions due to his bravery. Its a joke! If you really want overtaking, people, axe Barcelona, Valencia, Monaco, Hungaroring...!
Even some of the current drivers have their reservations. I've read that Sebastian Vettel has bought a farm. Maybe he's chosen farming over continuing in F1! ;)

Well done me old mucker, good on ya!

Not sure what the cider in Switzerland is like though... maybe better to have chosen the west country in good old blighty...
Not a poor season. The first 3 races were fantastic spectacles, the most entertaining start to an f1 season yet. However Brawn have dominated but the racing has been good at times. It's just unfortunate that we have had 3 race tracks which on many number of times have produced many boring races. Personally 2 of the last 3 races should be dropped forever. I have and never will warm to Bahrain, and Spain is just an all round abysmal procession. And yet that idiot Ecclestone keeps these passionless, souless races. I'm really angry.
what spectacle?

we had 2 races dominated by safety cars, we had one race red flagged cos of rain, we had monaco and we had one normal race. there has even been a moment where a team told their driver already in the first part of the race what the outcome would be. we had less overtaking, we had the usual processions, although headed by another team, but still processions.

i think we all agree with your opinion about bahrain and spain, but how does that statement connect with your earlier remark about 'spectacle' and not a poor season? also, i am not sure calling bernie an 'i**ot' makes any sense. do you know bernie in person?

thats what i did! i fell asleep :)

the problem is, maybe strategy is very interesting but then you might want to watch chess. lots of strategy involved there. i'm simple, i want to see racing. strategy is all really well but the point of a motor race, any motor race is who passes the finish first. maybe a demolition derby not but hey, even that can be fun. in monaco its cars driving nicely behind eachother and every now and then, one of the cars had the audacity to leave the procession and still on we go. until we all ran out of champaign and decide to wave a black and white chequered flag.

i hear more people who told me they really liked the race cos it was so strategical. personally i find even that a silly argument. what strategy? cos even from that point of view nothing really happened. we saw very few changes in position and to be honest, a car pitting one lap earlier or later does not brings me into cheering mode. especially if it makes no difference to the positions.

but if there is anything i missed, then please, enlighten me cos i want to enjoy my races!!
Well I think there's one thing we can all agree on, the next race should be a lot more interesting.

Turkey is one of, if not the best new track and has what I consider to be one of the greatest turns on the current F1 calendar - turn 8.

Why hasn't it got a name yet?
Or maybe "Turn 8" is enigmatic and works? After all, everyone knows which turn 8 it is whenever it's mentioned.

I'm quite thankful it was Monaco this weekend. It enabled me to finish the code for the site changes :D
With you all the way bogaTYR.

Many people seem to be enjoying this season because "someone other than Ferrari or McLaren are winning", well at least they were racing against each other last year and the year before; now we have an almost guaranteed Brawn 1-2 (unless Rubens messes up) and a fight for the minor places which are all sorted by lap 10 and then endless discussion about fuel strategy. WOW, some bloke in Brackley deciding who should win! Perhaps Bernie needs a camera at Brawn HQ so that we can soak up the "excitement" of a man in front of a computer workign out when Button should come into the pits to make sure Rubens can't win!

Or "isn't it great to see a British driver winning", well no it isn't in exactly the same way it wasn't good when a German driver was winning everything in 2004 or another British driver was winning everything in 1992. F1 teams don't represent a nation and neither do the drivers- if that's what you want go watch A1GP. I take have no sense of "national pride" because Button is winning in the same way I took no pride when Hamilton was champion last year (although I like him as a person, in the same way I think Massa seems like a nice bloke) or Tim Henman won a tennis match or when Nick Faldo won a golf game. These people represent themselves, not Britain! >:(

I'm also slighlty taken aback by the number of people who now proclaim themselves "Brawn GP Supporters". I presume you have been Manchester United fans for the last two seasons having previoulsy been Chelsea fans before that? Talk about jumping on the band wagon! :givemestrength:

Dreadful season, can't wait for it to be over. It will be interesting to see how good Ross Brawn is when he doesn't have Honda's millions to build a car. I suppose we have to wait until 2011 for that as I believe Honda have financed next year's car development as well (?).
Im sorry i should of made it more clear my comment was tounge in cheek
Im sorry i tryed to point out out the finer points of the 2009 season.
im sorry that that i pointed out that there actually is a great battle going on behind the Brawn cars
Im sorry I like the strategic side of things in f1 was well as the good hard racing (although It fissed out in Monaco)

Im not a partciularly a Brawn fan but I admire what they have done and thankful Button n Rubens are now getting the credit they deseerve after a lot of people forgot they could actually race in F1

Im a Man Utd fan of 14 years and call me what you like, Ive heard it all beofre and have nothing to prove to anybody. I actually follow FC united of Manvchester more now since i am agaist the Glazer takeover.

and the post is going to be deleted.
servess me right for trying to be postive about something.
Let's keep it friendly chaps (and chapesses) :)

Everyone has an opinion and it is equally as valid as anyone elses.

I don't think there was any reason to delete your post A_M_R.
Don't be afraid to post what you think. It would be a very boring forum if everyone agreed ;)
I feel to obliged to offer support for A_M_R, since I agreed with most of the original post (even if I wouldn't have necessarily put it that way myself! :D )

I've enjoyed the racing this year, not just insofar as there are different teams and drivers at the front, but the actual races themselves - Melbourne was excellent, I thought (and full of overtaking) while the two wet races were both tense and full of action. Bahrain I did enjoy from a tactical perspective (honest) - Toyota getting their tyres wrong etc.

Of course, the last couple of races have been as dull as they usually are, which is disappointing but not a great shock. Still we are seeing much more variation in performance from race to race among all the teams - yes, except one. So I can't predict who is going to make the top 10 in qualifying and I'm often surprised (pleasantly in the case of Nakajima!)

Some people, I think, follow the driver's championship more than I do, which I suppose is understandable if they have a particular driver whom they support. I don't even know how many points Button has - it doesn't matter to me that much. I just sit back and enjoy the races for what they are, and worry about the titles in September.
AMR - Just re-read my post and it sounds like I'm having a pop at you personally which I certainly wasn't, sorry if it came across that way. The Man U comment was simply down to people (in another place mainly) suddenly becoming Brawn GP supporters simply because they are winning. I wasn't accusing you of this and didn't know what team you supported - again, sorry mate.
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