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You can add in to the list of boxing travesties Khan versus Peterson. Peterson has failed two drugs tests (A and B sample) for artificial testosterone but Khan's promoters are still asking for the fight to go ahead. Boxing plumbs new depths with these two contests.
I hope there's been some sort of mistakes with the tests because I would love to see those too get back in the ring together. Haye vs Chisora as described by Klistchko, is a freak show, I have a feeling that will kick off after the fight
Haye v Chisora has blood bath written all over it. If one of them doesn't kill the other one in the ring, then i'm sure they'll be a massive brawl out of the ring. Just saying.
Haye v Chisora has got all the Hallmarks of the Haye v Harrison fight a couple of years ago were it's all hyped up and the two fighters were just using trash talk with each other. This seems to be the way in Boxing at the moment were both fighters are ment to hate each other as a way of selling the fight.
Haye vs Chisora: I really don't know how Wladimir Klitschko could describe this fight as a freak show, especially considering his last fight against Jean-Marc Mormeck, which was of the most embarassing fights I have ever seen. Klitschko is just jealous that now nobody cares about his fight against 40 yr old Tony Thompson (which is going to be another dull snoozefest), which will take place one week before the Haye-Chisora fight.
And I'm pretty frustrated about those who say that Chisora (and Haye) have brought the sport of Boxing in disrepute. Ok, they had a stupid fight in Munich, but that was it. Much more morally corupt things have happened in Boxing and in Sports generally (Although I don't like Frank Warren, he was right in mentioning Luis Suarez). Do you know that guy Panama Lewis who tampered with one of his fighter's gloves which blinded another guy, who subsequently killed himself.
I heard Wladimir Klitschko say that Chisora has given the legacy of former Heavyweight Champions like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali and (he really said that) Mike Tyson a bad name. Come on, a guy who has bitten off parts of someone's ear in the ring, raped a woman (probably), tried to break someone else's arm (I guess Frans Botha) and was just a lunatic at times (haha anyone remember that "I'll f*** you till you love me faggot" line) was far far far worse than Chisora and Haye for their antics in Munich. Klitschko is just pissed, that there is a fight going on, of which he doesn't generate any money from. Funny thing is though that his brother Vitali is probably going to fight the winner of Haye-Chisora. Just shows their hypocrisy.
Personally I'm a big fan of Haye and I saw his two fights in Germany live and was really considering going to Upton Park in July but the ticket prices were a bit crazy, I have to say. But anyway this fight could boost the Heavyweight division more than any stupid Klitschko "fight".
As for the fight itself, I can't see Chisora having any chance against Haye, who in my eyes is far superior. Haye will knock him out.

Khan vs Peterson II: I always liked Amir Khan, and I thought he was perfectly right in complaining about the procedures going on in Washington, when he lost to Peterson in December. He was deducted points for almost nothing at all (which proved to be crucial in the end), there was this Mustafa Ameen guy who got involved with the scorecards with a ridicolous excuse (Think he said he wanted to help a judge adding the scores up, because that guy didn't feel good that night). Then Peterson was given the decision, which I thought was wrong.
Now it turns out that Peterson was having taken drugs before that fight. I have to say these are the things that are really bad for Boxing and the first fight should be changed to a NC and Khan given his belts back.
KekeTheKing You're still hoping it will happen? I doubt it, especially as I see Pacman losing to Bradley this weekend. Pacquiao doesn't seem in the right state of mind at the moment, and probably never again will be...
I'm not a huge boxing fan GermanF1, so I really don't care that much if the fight ever happens. But it is the one bout I would tune in to see. The fact that it hasn't happened yet is a sad testimonial to the state of modern pugilism.
An even sadder testimonial to the state of boxing was tonights decision against Manny Pacquiao. He was completely dominant, I had him losing 2 rounds. Even though my prediction was right, this was one of the biggest jokes possible. Anyone else has watched this bull****??
My Uncle nearly lost his job with British rail after proving positive on a drugs test. Now I'll tell you why. It was because he ate a poppyseed roll for lunch. I'm not drawing any comparisons but it's a good anicdote and this seemed a opportune moment to share it.
GermanF1 while I didnt see the fight I hear that it was a godawful decision. Wonder if theres anyway they could watch replays of the whole fight and score it again and get it overturned. Probably not but just a thought.
Boxing, at the moment, appears to be being run by Mr Bent the bent person. Just as well now one watches the matches anymore given that the results appear to be decided in advance.
I heard an interesting theory yesterday.

Pacquiao had made it clear that he would not be fighting until the Celtics vs Heat (NBA Playoffs) game was over, as he is apparently a big Celtics fan. Well that game ended at about 11:30 PM, and after it was over I pulled up the stream for the fight, as I figured it would be happening soon. At about 12:15 I started wondering when the hell it was going to happen, as it didn't seem imminent (I've since heard that Pacquiao's calfs tightened up and he needed to use a treadmill), so I went to bed as I didn't feel like staying up past 1 for a sport that is mainly a curiosity for me.

So it turns out that one of the judges is like 74 years old and it was suggested that he didn't appreciate Manny holding the fight up for an inordinate amount of time, and penalized him for doing so. And this is the same judge that was quoted in a Las Vegas newspaper as saying that "Bradley gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson", which from all accounts is a patently absurd statement.

There's serious grumblings over here and I'm not sure that November 10th rematch is a certainty, as true boxing fans seem assured that Manny is the better fighter.
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