Too old to watch the Asian races live.
If you want a great book to provide insight into how it used to be in F1 I recommend "Rob Walker" by Michael Cooper-Evans.

If you would like to read a brilliant parody of "The Lord of the Rings", I would suggest "Bored of the Rings" by the Harvard Lampoon, although a lot of the clever references in the book will be lost on you if you weren't familiar with American commercials of the 70s.
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My Dad pointed me in the direction of David Weber's "Safehold" series, and I'm on book 5 already, as I can't put my Kindle down!

Imagine a re-working of the development of the Royal Navy and British industrialisation & expansion, but set against the backdrop of a religious schism and holy war, among the surviving final enclave of humanity, driven into hiding by a ruthless alien enemy...

...yes, I know it sounds complicated, but it really is quite brilliant!


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Just finished One of our Own (took a while) which is the life story of Myra Hindely. Not one for the squeamish but a fascinating read and, although the writer suffered from a lack of objectivity, it is fairly clear keeping her inside until she died was the right choice. Just started on Regga, a biography of Clay Regazzoni.


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I have heard some good things about a book from J. J. Abrams called "S". Has anyone read it?


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I like a good travel book, one of the best IMO is... Clear Waters Rising... by Nicholas Crane.


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My Dad pointed me in the direction of David Weber's "Safehold" series, and I'm on book 5 already, as I can't put my Kindle down!
I read the first 2 books and was gripped. I thought, brilliant I have found an author I like.
Book 3 was ok but the pace of the story had dropped away. Book 4 was just terrible I was skipping whole chapters of pointless dialog, recapping of old ground. Against my better judgement I'm now on book 5 and if the pace doesn't pick up I wont be reading any others.

The whole point of the series is to get mankind back to high technology so they can fight the aliens again. But book 1 was about naval battle in wooden ships armed with cannon and after 5 books its still about naval battles in wooden ships armed with cannon. At this rate we will need 200 books before the story concludes.

Such a shame as book 1 and 2 were great. Other than the unpronounceable names that is.
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The Bridge is excellent.
Tom Holt, The Walled Garden.
Pompeii by Robert Harris.
Jonah by James Herbert when I was a teenager.
A sci-fi thing I found in Israel many years ago with the last pages missing that I only remember the title of when I'm drunk in the middle of the night!
... And Riders by Jilly Cooper for some unknown reason...


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I've started on the safehold series, well I'm onto the 5th book already. Once I get my teeth into something I don't stop! Only got 6 books downloaded so far, is there any more?
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