Book: The Lost Generation - David Tremayne


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There is (if you believe in such things) a parallel world out there where the names James Hunt and Nigel Mansell are joined by three other British drivers. These three guys were all massively talented and, in the case of two of them were right at the start of their F1 careers. In the real world all three tragically died before they could ever capitalize on their tallent.

Those three guys were Roger Williamson, Tony Brise and Tom Pryce and this book is their stories.

For those of you unfamiliar with the names, Roger Williams was killed the wheel of a March in the 1973 Dutch GP in an accident that remains the shame of F1 to this day and highlights why Jackie Stewart was so vocal about safety during this era. Tony Brise was returning from a test day in France along with several members of the Embassy Hill team when the plane that was being piloted by Graham Hill himself, crashed into a golf course, short of the runway and in thick fog. Tom Pryce died at the wheel of a Shadow at the 1977 South African GP in as freak an accident as you are likely to see in F1. The one thing that all three of these drivers had in common was that they could have been world champions.

Covering their lives from their early days in motorsport to their tragic deaths in great and moving detail and also covering the life of David Purley who will forever be linked with the death of his friend Roger Williamson, it's really well written and will leave you with an overwhelming feeling of "What If?"
Bought it a while back, it brings me close to tears throughout and actually to tears on a few occasions. Brilliantly written, detailed yet sympathetic. Great photos too, I would recommend it to everyone.
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