Best 1999er of the year

Who is the best 1999 veteran in F1 today?

  • David Coulthard - GBR - car 2 - McLaren Mercedes

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  • Rubens Barrichello - BRZ - car 16 - Stewart Ford

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Remember the F1 season of 1999?

Exciting racing, the Wall of Champions at Montreal, Irvine going for the title, Schumi in the wall, Salo in the Ferrari. Frentzen in the Jordan winning races, Barrichello in the white Stewart punching above his weight, Herbert winning in Nurburg, Hakkinen's tears at Monza, Badoer losing his points in Nurburg, B.A.R. shouting the odds and getting no points, DC outmuscling Hakkinen at Spa and Ferrari banned and then unbanned at Sepang...

Only four drivers remain in F1 9 years after Mika Hakkinen's triumph at Suzuka (II) so its time to run a poll as to who is this year's best 1999er on the grid... especially since at least one is retiring!
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