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Only recently did I realise what Bernard Charles Ecclestone stands for: BCE or Before the Common Era, it certainly explains the lack of social media during his reign. :D


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how serious could this potienally be or because he gone is it now fine. because some of his comments are highly dodgy & could be taken as corruption

Helping Ferrari has always been the smartest thing to do. It was always done through the technical regulations. The teams are important to F1, but Ferrari is more than that. So many things have been done over the years that have helped Ferrari to win

Max (Mosely) has often helped Ferrari & I too wanted them to win.

Bernie Ecclestone suggests FIA helped Ferrari gain F1 advantage


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The way he's phrased it places it in the lap of the FIA and not FOM, clever old Bernie. It's well known that Ferrari had a veto over the technical regulations anyway, didn't that emerge from the Spygate saga?


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That wouldn't work because as Dear old Bernie always pointed out, if you drop a track there are plenty more waiting to take their place. Dear old Bernie would have to buy every track in the world.


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Someone should file a libel suit against Bernie. Wouldn't THAT be interesting and entertaining?
How would you prove him guilty of favouring Ferrari, after he clearly stated that the FIA, which he wasn't in charge of, ensured that Ferrari stayed on top?
He wouldn't come out and say something like that and incriminate himself; he's old, not stupid. The teams probably also knew what was going on.


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I don’t like the Americans... changing the logo for what effing reason?
Furthermore it’s increasingly being run like American Sports and everything I hate about them.

Bring back Bernie!


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Sure, bring back Bernie.

That way you can say good-bye to the British GP, which will undoubtedly be replaced by the Grand Prix of North Korea (as Kim could throw as much money at Bernie as he could possibly imagine (and Bernie was ONLY about the money going into his bank account IMO)).:rolleyes:

Just HOW would that be better than the current situation, Rutherford?
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If Liberty Media want to change the logo then fine, just make the new logo decent. Why shouldn't they? The current logo is ok but too slanty, a bit dated, the typography isn't refined. And maybe it doesn't say what Liberty Media want it to say as a badge for their brand. No problem, change it. It's only an issue if they completely mess it up which they probably won't. It's not a biggie, relax.


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i was forced into listening to the 5 live bernie ecclestone special. because in swapping computers. the download hadnt moved because bbc had removed it from their end. so had to listen to that & few others before i synced & lost it. i thought it was a fascinating listen but then bernie usually is. they asked some good questions if bit awkward atmosphere because you can tell Jennie Gow, Jack Nicholls & Jolyon Palmer they were understandably intimidated not wanting to upset him. unlike a more informal chats that ive seen Eddie Jordan or Martin Brundle have

bits of interviews i thought were fascinating
  • Singapore was his toughest challenge as F1 boss as he tried for many years but failed til 2008
  • Never interested in the celebration or champagne of winning & he never saw the end of a GP, being told his cars were 1-2 in the airport hours later was enough
  • he gave no sympathy to any grieving drivers to save themselves from themselves. he told Reutemann after seeing rindt crash "stop being down, this is your job so get on with it"
  • F1 became more popular post senna death
  • some drivers who publicly backed introduction of Halo, who would then in private chats with Bernie. admit that they dont want it
  • F1 is better with manufacturers than without but they will always leave when they fancy it
  • Mercedes are incredible but boring & blames them for not giving red bull a mercedes engine for the sake of sport & competitiveness, but he wouldn't have done when in charge of brabham
  • sky sports do a super job
  • Bernie favourite driver is Sebastian Vettel
  • Ferrari winning is the best thing for F1
  • Lewis done great & Bad things for F1. its great he promotes F1 around the world. but bad because he never speaks his mind & publicity is more about Lewis not F1


BE made me angry on more than one occasion, but I am with him on several points in preceding post. After all we have something in common; we are both old. That's where it ends.
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