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There would be no F1 without him and we owe him a lot for that. But the bottom line is he is a despot who stayed for 20 years too long.

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The world moved on and left him behind to a certain extent, but he had made himself so pivotal to the business of F1 that he was able to keep on wheeling & dealing far longer than he probably should have been able. The whole (legally) bribing his way out of the German bribery court-case was really the point at which he ought to have stepped aside, but one assumes that he was so used to being "the man", he wasn't prepared to give up control at that point (plus his ability to buy his way out of trouble probably made him feel pretty invulnerable).

I think this could go one of 2 ways now - either he'll mount a buy-back bid in the next couple of years, or he'll fall off the perch within a year - my money would be on the former, frankly!

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I wonder who has access to the contracts with the circuits, he has reputedly kept everything in his head.


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Well perhaps Liberty can start from scratch then, with a more equitable solution all round.
A couple of additional North American GPs, an end to the shite recently added venues and revisiting the great circuits we miss.


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There was a coup to remove Bernie after the Muppets 'bought' F1. They didn't realise until it was too late that they had bought an empty shell that was mortgaged to the hilt and that the contracts were full of poison pills.

Maybe Liberty learned the lesson.


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I'm really excited about all this. Bernie was just too set in his ways to move F1 forward and Brawn is so brilliant, I can see a wonderful new set of regulations coming in the next few years. I can't wait to see what happens.

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But hopefully it will be a reasonable amount, not the fortune Sky charge.

There is one thing about Mr Ecclestine which he never seems to mention and that is how he forced the circuit owners to make their circuits safe and have first class medical facilities and he also forced the teams and the FIA to build safe cars at a time when there were drivers dying at almost every race. What a shame this didn't happen until too late for many great drivers.


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Can someone explain what the **** the Commercial (remember, COMMERCIAL!) rights holder needs a technical adviser? Aren't the FIA supposed to make the rules of the sport?
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