Belgian GP Highlight Thread

The battle between Hamilton and Räikkönen in 2008 was great. Also Villeneuve and Zonta trying to take Eau-Rouge without lifting. Villeneuve may be an ass but that took balls.
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Can't call it a "memory" since it was slightly before my time but I would nominate the 1983 edition, for two reasons.

Firstly because it marked the return of Spa to the F1 Calendar, and that in itself deserves a mention.

And secondly because the race was being dominated by Andrea de Cesaris who established a five-second lead until a disastrous pit-stop relegated him to fourth. He climbed back to second before the Afla's engine expired spoiling what would have been a memorable win over the might of Ferrari, Renault and Brabham.

History has had a way of turning Mr "De Crash-aris" into a figure of fun, and in the process made it all too easy to make us forget that on his day and when the mood took him, he could also be sensationally fast.
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