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Scores out of 10 for the 1st ePrix

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Wow what a finish, I don't think anyone expected that. a poll has now been added to the thread so your thoughts on the racing please. I think the coverage itself was a bit lame so if we can keep that out of the poll and just focus on the actual racing.
It got better as it went along this and as we said in chat it wasn't helped by the track and the crap TV coverage.

Racing was good though so hopefully we'll see more.

Prost and Heidfeld at the last corner! Blimey!
The suspension looks very weak. At the start Senna had a small bang but ended up with a badly broken wheel, same with the Prost Heidfeld incident at the end. You'd think the cars should be able to take more of an impact considering its a street circuit series.
Reserving judgement a little, but not a bad start.

  • Like the lack of emphasis on aero - fun to see the card skidding about.
  • Good close running between the cars.
  • Safety of the cars' crash structure seems to be up to the job :o
  • Great entertaining drives from Bird and Montagny.
  • Cars look great.
  • Got better as it went on.
  • What a hideously banal car park of a track. Hard to imagine how it could have been duller.
  • Felt a tad slow, but not disastrously so, and stopped noticing so much once my attention had switched to the racing.
  • Minimum time pit stop is anticlimactic, but can see why they've gone that route. The "fast stop, hold everyone up down the or exit lane" could be an interesting tactic.
  • Coverage wasn't great - when they did bother to show the positions lost/gained it showed lots of changes of position - shame so few of them got caught on camera.
  • Fan boost was even worse than expected - I could understand it if we could award boosts to an underdog in real time, but to announce it beforehand? Utterly pointless.
  • Commentators seemed fine, but not too impressed with the standard of the rest of the punditry.
  • On screen info was terrible: driver positions were only put up a couple of times; I'd have thought colour coding to match liveries would be pretty much essential when we're only just trying to wrap our heads around 20 new drivers in 10 new teams in 10 new liveries; interesting info is rendered completely useless by tiny white text on light blue background.
All in all, not bad, will be interesting to see how it continues - will definitely give it a few more races :)
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Highlights at 6pm mjo and worth a look even with spoilers.

Amlin Aguri have won a lot of fans due to their twitter feed today which was very funny.

....and suddenly everyone loves Frank Montangy!
As for the race, it got better as it went on. The second half was far moreinteresting than the first. Not sure all the elements came off. I know F1Yorkshire said to keep it out but the biggest problem was the coverage. For a brand new event it needed to be well explained, clear and easy to follow. Instead we got poor presentation, unclear graphics, dull commentary and dull tv pictures. Too much time on the last two laps was spent showing the pictures inside the team garages for example.

On track the cars did look slow compared to what we are used to and the track was awful. There was an area of track that looked too narrow for two cars to run side by side!!!

The last problem is that now there is a bit of a buzz around the series, which plonker scheduled the next race to be four weeks away!! There is no way that the limited amount of interest now generated can be sustained for that long. It should have been back to back or at least only two weeks.

Will I watch again? Yes but ITV need to sort out their craptastic coverage!
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